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My Walking Cane.

Balance is desired!
Balance is desired!
Photo by Michael Loccisano

It was a vivid dream. I was the Ringmaster of “The Greatest Show on Earth”. I could hear the roar of the crowd from my trailer. I was tired, I did not want to be the Ringmaster today. I would be so happy to just rest and relax. How could I get out of this situation? How could I forget about my responsibilities?

I then realized, “The Show Must Go On”!

As I entered the big top all lights followed me. I bellowed, strong and loud, “Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth”, as I cracked my bull whip …….tishhhhhhhh, the crowed was excited and applauding.

In ring number three, watch as the clowns do their merry chaos.

In ring number one the Family Adversity sours through the air with the greatest of ease.

And in the main ring, number two we have …huh… a little sign! The little sign says GRATITUDE.

Then I woke up………..

I sat on the edge of my bed. Gratitude, a word I don’t hear often. A word I don’t feel a lot, since my auto accident crippled me.

I got out of bed, with the use of my walking cane, went to the window… was a beautiful sunny day. I decided to go the dock.

There I began experiencing all the beauty of nature. I notice the palm trees were full of coconuts, there was a steady but sure flow to the river. Wow, it was peaceful, nature can balance your thoughts. A family of ducks, the proud mother and three ducklings were scurrying around, and three kayaks drifted by, exchanging greetings and smiles, as they skimmed along the river. This was a perfect moment in time.

The thought of Gratitude was still on my mind. I was feeling grateful and happy in the moment, this was a great idea. Then, I noticed a sign, it was an orange triangle sign, “Warning Tree Stump”. Wow, there must be a stump below the water, caution was necessary. The river showed no adversity to the stump, it just treated it as a part of the environment. There was no fear or even ripples visible.

This feeling of gratitude felt wonderful. How could I remind myself of this, when feelings of adversity happen? Then I realized, to be balanced, we must strive to live a “Triangle”. It was then that I formed my cane, being the type that collapses, into a triangle.

There are three sides to my triangle, I have heard this a thousand times, “Mind, Body, and Spirit”. If your are missing one side of the triangle, it collapses, leaving loss of balance.

I feel that “Mind” is kind thoughts, smiling, saying hello to a stranger…..and just general positive living.

“Body” is made up of our choices. To eat bad or eat healthy. To stay fit, or be unhealthy. Our choices.

“Spirit” was that perfect moment feelings where everything seems to be in balance. Being part of something really big.

Then, all of a sudden, with a loud roar, and exceeding wake, three jet skis flew around the river bend. The wake unsettled everything. The kayaks were rocking and the ducks were separated. Everything became a mess. I was also thrown “off balance” with negative thoughts about my crippled body and the instant changes in my life plan, because of a drunk driver. A real pity party. I had to sit on the bench.

I tossed my cane aside. I thought, yea, the triangle, how is helping my physical mess right now. Dr. Phil calls this “stinking thinking”, and sometime I go there in chaos.

That’s when my miracle happened. The river went back to calm beauty, the ducks were again together and I picked up my cane. I had sincere feelings back, living in the moment.

It was my choice to resume my oneness with beauty and self-love.

Three rings, three sides of the Triangle, three kayaks and three Jet Skies……………all just activities in my Circus called life.

I walked away from the river, with the help of my cane and the profound thought.......

“The Show Must Go On!”




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