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My Upcoming C.O.O.L. Jaycees Xbox Live Community Event in July.

You never know unless you try…

I have been playing video games all my life from the Atari to now. Most recently I am playing the Xbox 360. I am a huge fan of their live system and use it everyday.

I am also a part of the C.O.O.L. Jaycees of Honolulu as the Membership Vice President and a member of the board. Recently we were reviewing events we would like to do for the year. For a long time I have had an idea for resurrecting the online play for older games that were once popular. I was fortunate to be able to play these games often at a friend's house using a Land Area Network. Using a L.A.N. means that I would only be playing with my friends and in one house. I needed something more… complex.

I thought “Why not?” and I sent a proposal to Microsoft for a Retro Game Night as part of their Xbox Live Community Events. I selected a list of Xbox Box Original games that I knew were backwards compatible. They were also older games that you could download off the network. The idea is this: when you go on Xbox Live, there are never enough people to play older games. Some people would play Crimson Skies or Return to Castle Wolfenstein but you would find only four or five people playing, at the most. I wanted to coordinate these older games and show people how great these games were when they were new. At the same time, I wanted to introduce the online community to what my club was all about and potentially get more members.

I proposed my idea to my group. To begin, I suggested Crimson Skies, a game that, like the Halo series, had both a well done single player mode and also a dynamic multiplayer mode. Most importantly, it could support a total of sixteen players per room. After many Question and Answer discussions, the game was approved. I sent Microsoft my decision. Happy in my labors, I went to bed feeling accomplished.

When I awoke, I checked my email and my fellow board member had informed me of Microsoft’s decision to faze out the system that would have supported Crimson Skies and other games on my list. This wasn’t a setback but just meant that now the idea needed to be retooled.

I was on and confirmed that, in fact, my idea would have to be adjusted. I could still make it work. On the site there are listings of all the downloadable content. The system allows you to start the process of downloading content so that the next time you start your Xbox, it starts downloading the content right away. It showed me all the older games I could still use in their Arcade section. Keeping to my original idea, I was able to put down twenty games that could be played on the current system. Turtles Arcade , Fatal Fury and Marvel versus Capcom 2 to name a few. At our next board meeting, I proposed the list starting off with Marvel versus Capcom 2and the board approved. I presented my tweaked idea to Microsoft and they approved.

In conclusion, on Sunday, July 18, 2010, 3-6pm Hawaii time, 8-11pm eastern, I will be hosting The Honolulu C.O.O.L. Jaycees participation in an Xbox Live Community Event starring Marvel Versus Capcom 2. For any further information, please email me at

You Never Know Unless you Try… is from the (Genso) Suikoden Role Playing series from Konami and is my favorite RPG francise.



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