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My two cents: ‘Million Dollar Listing’ season 4, episode 4 recap

Million Dollar Listing season 4
Million Dollar Listing season 4

Summary: Josh Flagg throws a party in the Hollywood Hills, Josh Altman tries to sell a "classic" home in Topanga Canyon, and Madison sells a home for $5.3 million! Other 2-cent highlights:

  • Altman really likes talking to his mom. (Not that I blame him; she's adorable!) He tells her that he's going clubbing and sends her a pic of what he's wearing that night. She approves and tells him to " just flash that smile and you'll be OK!" If more moms were as nice as Mrs. Altman, maybe their kids too would have the confidence to be million dollar agents or starring on their own Bravo reality show. Maybe.
  • Altman talks to Jimmy Quill, "80s rock star realtor," about co-listing a property in Topanga Canyon. Topanga Canyon used to be a hotspot for celebrities like Alice Cooper, Van Morrsion, and Marvin Gaye, and the old school decor in the property shows. The kitchen is circular, the sink is green, and everything in the home is referred to as "vintage" or "classic." Josh's assistant Mikey takes a tour of the place and is so overcome with with nostalgic excitement that he does the Worm. Josh then barks at him to "stop f*cking around." That Altman, such an alpha man.
  • Flaggy in the meantime is taking a party bus to Madison's Malibu property with his twin blonde assistants. He annoyingly refers to them as "1 and 2"; but I forgive Flaggy, because you know he respects women by that way he loves him mama and grandmama.
  • Flaggy, Marissa, and Julianna (hoping that I got the twins' names right lest I be the sexist one) throw a Hollywood Hills property party to entice realtors and potential buyers. The twins do all the work while Flagg eats jelly beans. (Side note: I think in every episode of "Million Dollar Listing" this season, we have seen at least 2 minutes of Josh eating. We see him eat caviar. We see him eat a 5-course breakfast. But now we see him we eat jellybeans. He is a man of many tastes.) The party is definitley a success for...
  • ...Altman who meets Heather (Madison's assistant)! Flagg is ready to "make a 'lil match", as is Madison (for now). His meeting also prompts Altman to question his choice of assistant: "Madison has Heather, Josh has 2 blonde twins, and I have Mikey?" But Mikey is soooo cute, Josh!
  • Madison hasn't had much luck with his clients lately -- but Madison is ready to sell, dammit. He gets all creative in negotiating the sale of his doctor client's $5.5 million property, by being all: "Fine -- $5.3 million for the house, final deal, but we'll update the windows the client bitched about, and done." And he closed the deal!

All in all, a pretty good episode. What did you think? Are you as charmed by Altman as Heather is? Do you love Mikey? What do you think of Flagg's assistants? "Million Dollar Listing" airs Thursday on Bravo 9/8 pm CST.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I personally don't care for Flagg. He is taking
    advantange of those girsl. On the other hand
    Josh Altmans assistant Mikey is funny and
    brings a little comedy into the show. He is down
    to earth. They should give him more air time.

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