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My two cents: ‘Million Dollar Listing’ season 4, episode 2 recap

Million Dollar Listing season 4
Million Dollar Listing season 4

Summary: Josh Altman kindly helps an elderly family friend sell her home for no commission, Josh Flagg walks away from his seller, and Madison has a client who wants to be sold the bachelor lifestyle.

Last season, I covered “Million Dollar Listing” while regularly chatting with cast member Chad Rogers about the show. This season, Chad is not a cast member. Sad face. So I go into this season skeptically, a bit stupefied that I won’t be seeing the originator of the Justin Bieber bowl cut and his Starliecakes. Nevertheless, real estate porn and Josh Flagg turn me on, so I’ll catch the show and give my two cents:

  • The season has gotten off to a slow start. The homes are gorgeous and the clients are crazy, but where’s the drama? Who would have thought that a man-child and his dog would drive so much of a story?
  • Wait, I just realized 66.7% of the main characters this season are named Josh. How do we distinguish them? They both have dogs. They both dress really well. They both eat challah. But yet, they feel so different. Any suggestions on how to separately reference them?
  • Josh Altman’s mom is cute – so is Edith Flagg. All the matriarchal figures are so darn cute on this show.
  • Madison: “The market in Malibu has been a little bitch.” And his client is too. Who asks for the seller’s car in a sale?
  • One of the intrinsic values of “Million Dollar Listing” is actually learning while watching seemingly junk TV: Today, we learned about “pocket listings,” the restrictions that real estate assistants have in talking business, and that “business isn’t just about commissions; it’s about relationships.” Aw.

So what do you think about this season? Are you missing Chad? Will you keep watching? "Million Dollar Listing" airs Thursdays at 9/8 CST on Bravo.


  • Sara 4 years ago

    I think the "New Josh" is adorable....what a smile. It is very nice seeing someone who is well dressed and adds a new dimention to the show. Madison is still beautiful and fun to watch and the "Old Josh" is like a puppy. I can't wait to see what unfolds during the season. I am hooked!

  • Profile picture of Martha Zaborowski
    Martha Zaborowski 4 years ago

    I kinda like that: "New Josh" + "Old Josh." New Josh does have great teeth -- I wondered who else noticed. Madison is gorgeous, and I've always loved me some Flagg!

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    how about that new cutie Mikey - i think he and Josh have a great chemistry, good friendship and it shows. more of mikey.

  • Lisa Cuddy 4 years ago

    Josh Flagg has & always will be my favorite. I wish they'd bring back his dentist because those two had GREAT chemistry
    As far as the new Josh, any guy who kisses his dogs before he leaves for work & listens to his mom is a keeper.
    Madison needs to find a sweet, hot, rich guy to share his new place with.
    I love the new season so far!

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