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My Turn: Would the orphans plead for mercy?

Who should sue who?
LTD Associates

A hypocrite is the man who murders both of his parents and then pleads for mercy on the grounds that he is an orphan.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

No matter how misguided House Speaker John Boehner may be with his filing of a lawsuit against President Barack Obama, the recalcitrant Republican may well have unwittingly set an excellent example for the rest of us.
The honorable speaker’s lawsuit challenges the president for having used executive actions to make the Affordable Care Act more efficient, to increase the minimum wage for federal contractors, and for making life easier for men, women, and children whose lives are impacted by arcane deportation and immigration policies.
Republican Robert Goodlatte, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, validated the speaker’s motivation when he told Fox News Sunday that Boehner’s lawsuit “is all about the United States Constitution”.
Goodlatte went onto to say, “We have the power to bring causes of action when we believe that the president of the United States is exceeding his authority and is trampling upon Article 1 of the Constitution. To me, it makes a whole lot of sense to do this.”
Are you wondering what I’m wondering?
If Congress has the power to sue the president of the United States for allegedly exceeding his authority and trampling upon Article 1 of the Constitution (not doing his job), do we the people of the United States of America have the power to sue Congress for not doing its job?
There is, after all, no doubt that most Americans agree that Congress is not doing its job.
A Gallup survey released just two weeks ago indicates that 84% of American adults, approximately 200 million men and women, disapprove of the job Boehner, Goodlatte, and 533 of their colleagues are doing.
We could file a class action suit that could impact the behaviors of every member of Congress for the foreseeable future!
Think about it . . . we could sue not only to recover substantial salaries (minimum: $174,000.00 per year per member of Congress – Speaker Boehner gets $223,500.00) plus generous benefits, allowances, expenses, and retirement funds, we might even be able to recover a portion of or all of the $17 trillion plus public debt created by the stunning incompetency of this and other Congresses.
What do you think Speaker Boehner and Chairman Goodlatte would say if a top-notch law firm representing 200 million plus American citizens filed a class-action lawsuit against each member of the House and Senate seeking to recover all that cash?
Would Boehner, Goodlatte, et al take the same position against themselves as they’ve taken against President Obama?
Or would they, like President Lincoln's orphan, plead for mercy?

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