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My Turn: Wondering about Darrell Issa?

It’s reasonable to wonder about someone who’s got a checkered past.
Isn’t it?
Would you wonder about someone who's been accused of felonies like arson, car theft, insurance fraud, and carrying a deadly weapon?
Would you wonder if that someone happened to be a Republican Congressman?
Would you wonder if that someone was Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform?
Would you wonder if that someone was Darrell Issa?
What can you say about a man who puts himself in a position to be accused of multiple felonies?
What can you say about his ethics and his ability to think and behave rationally?
I know that some readers might say, Davy, give the guy a break! So he was accused of a few felonies? So what? Aside from pleading guilty to illegally carrying a loaded gun in his car, Issa was never convicted of any crime!
I know, I know . . . but you still have to wonder; can you ever completely trust someone like Darrell Issa to talk and act ethically and rationally . . . don’t you?
This past Sunday Issa told FOX News commentator Chris Wallace that Lois Lerner, the official who managed the IRS unit responsible for reviewing requests for tax exemptions, would definitely appear in front of his committee this week, ready, willing, and able to testify.
Her attorney indicates now that she will testify. Quite frankly,” Issa bragged, “we believe that the evidence we have gathered causes her, in her best interest, to be summoned to testify.
So, you might say, what’s wrong with that?
Darrell Issa put an IRS official behind his eight-ball, forcing her to finally speak honestly and openly about a purported scandal . . . that ain’t so bad, is it?
Perhaps not . . . at least until you consider the fact that Issa’s widely debunked IRS scandal is really nothing more than a political smokescreen designed to make Democrats look bad and Republicans look good.
Well, as you may or may not know, Issa spent about 15 minutes in his committee hearing today angrily asking a series of questions of Lois Lerner who invoked, as she did nine months ago, her Fifth Amendment right to not testify.
How did the once, twice, thrice accused felon react to Lerner's refusal to testify?
Not well.
He threw a hissy-fit, switched off Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings’ microphone, preventing Cummings from asking questions or making a statement, and ran out of the room.
Are you wondering about Darrell Issa now?
If you’d like to ask the man why a United States Representative would act like a spoiled brat on national television, you can call him at 202-225-3906.
Do me a favor . . . let me know what he says, willya?
For some reason, the honorable Congressman is not taking my calls

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