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My Turn: What if the GOP put America ahead of politics?

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What if, instead of plotting to destroy Barack Obama’s presidency on inauguration night, 2009, the GOP had decided on election night 2008 to work with the president-elect to put America ahead of politics?
After all . . . it wasn’t like the GOP handed a smoothly running country over to the new president, was it?
No . . . not at all.
The history is clear . . . George W. Bush, the GOP president who lied the nation into an extraordinarily bloody, costly, protracted war against the wrong enemy and who stood idly by while Wall Street bankers rode roughshod over the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression, left America and its new president in a heap of trouble.
Bush handed Obama an economy on the brink of complete disaster with major banks running out of cash, with trillions of dollars in phony subprime mortgages sold as AAA securities by greedy, dishonest, unregulated bankers to unsuspecting investors, with hundreds of thousands of Americans losing their jobs every month, with millions of homeowners at risk of foreclosure, with the big three auto makers running out of cash, with vehicle sales at an all-time low and vehicle repossessions at an all-time high, with consumer and commercial credit drying up, with tax revenues dropping precipitously while millions of Americans were being forced to turn to the federal government for everything from unemployment benefits to food stamps . . . and on and on and on it went.
How did the GOP respond to the mess they so graciously turned over to the new president?
A gang of 15 GOP members of the House and Senate plus Newt Gingrich, failed 2012 presidential candidate and former House Speaker, and GOP operative Frank Luntz got together for a 4-hour sumptuous dinner in a fancy Washington, D.C. restaurant to work up a detailed plan to block every legislative initiative presented by President Obama, no matter how much it might cost Americans, to make sure that our first black president would not be re-elected.
It’s not like the GOP tried to hide the fact that politics were far more important than the best interests of their own constituents . . . after all, it was Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who blatantly told the National Journal on October 23, 2010 that “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”
And, by golly, that is exactly what the GOP did . . . they blocked every major initiative put forth by the president, causing the recovery from the 2008 financial collapse to drag out over five plus years, the longest economic recovery in the history of the nation.
And, that is why:

  • Millions of Americans who lost their jobs 5 years ago are still unemployed
  • More American men, women, and children live in poverty today than in 2008
  • More Americans are dependent on government assistance today than in 2008
  • More Americans are homeless today than in any time since the Great Depression
  • America’s infrastructure and institutions have continued to crumble at an alarming rate

Makes me wonder . . . do GOP politicians like House Speaker John Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, men who so callously caused so much human suffering in the name of politics, deserve to be reelected?
What do you think?

Comments? Questions? Contact the author at: or Tweet: @DavyZJones
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