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My Turn: Time for America to just sit down and shut up?

Republican Senator John McCain blames President Barack Obama for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s takeover of the Crimean Peninsula in the wake of the breakdown of the Ukrainian government.
The honorable senator from Arizona advised the Obama administration to hit Russia with economic sanctions, a freeze on the assets of Russia’s one percent, and he also wants the president to prevent Russian big shots from coming to America.
Think that’ll turn Putin around?
Economic sanctions!
Blocking a few fat cat Russians from our customs lines!
Pretty tough stuff . . . huh?
Even if Putin doesn’t give a rat’s behind about economic sanctions that would likely hurt Europe and America as much as it will hurt Russia, how can Russia’s number one tough guy ignore us?
After all, this is America speaking!
This is, after all, the land of the free and the home of the brave . . . the world’s policeman . . . and we’re telling Russia that it is wrong to invade a smaller, weaker country on a phony pretext!
How can President Putin possibly not listen to sound advice from the good old USA?
A reader with a critical nature might say, "Davy, what are you talking about? Have you forgotten that we kinda, sorta don’t have the moral ground here?
"Have you forgotten that we invaded, bombed, and maimed and killed thousands upon thousands of human beings in smaller, weaker countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Grenada, Panama, Afghanistan, and good old Iraq?"

That same critical reader might even add, "Davy, are you off your rocker?
"You’re forgetting that we’re still firing missiles . . . at will . . . to kill more human beings in sovereign nations like Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and who knows where else!
Okay . . . I get it . . . if you happen to be that critical reader, you could say that because we made a few mistakes in the past, we don’t have the right to tell Putin to stay home.
So, Mr. Smart-Alec, if that’s what you’re saying, what do you think we should we do?
Institute a no-fly zone over the Crimean Peninsula?
Send Seal Team 6 to ‘get’ Putin?
Send the Marines to invade the Ukraine?
Go to DEFCON2, light up some nukes, and take out Russia?
Or should we simply sit down and shut up?
You tell me.

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