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My Turn: The little senator cooks some savory?

The little senator cooks some savory?
The little senator cooks some savory?
LTD Associates/Mother Jones

To win the people, always cook them some savory that pleases them.” ~ Aristophanes (Greek author. Circa 450 BC – Circa 388 BC)

I was initially pleased to receive an Email entitled Honoring Our Veterans from Mike Lee, Utah’s other Republican Senator, yesterday, Saturday, May 31.
In this Email, Senator Lee pats himself and his staff on their collective backs for being supportive of America’s veterans.
Lee reports that he actually hosted a dinner for five young folks he nominated to attend U.S. military academies and provides us with a photograph he took with his nominees (by the way, I always thought Lee was taller).
How this particular event relates to honoring our veterans is a bit murky but, what the hey, let’s applaud the little man for doing something positive, no matter how unrelated to honoring veterans it might be.
Lee then reports on an awards ceremony that his staff hosted for a Vietnam veteran.
A bit late but, again, let’s give the little fellow kudos for at least having his staff do something he wouldn’t do . . . at least not in person.
Senator Lee goes on to tell us that he made a surprise visit to testify at a hearing in the Utah State Legislature on the Veterans Reintegration Task Force, a bill that would study the challenges faced by returning veterans and would eventually create a plan to help Utah veterans overcome those challenges.
Good stuff.
Lee winds up his Honoring Our Veterans Email by making sure that we know he cosponsored a bill with Senator Marco Rubio (the Florida Republican who tried to make voters believe that his parents were forced out of Cuba by Fidel Castro two years before Castro ever ascended to power) to "bring greater accountability to the Department of Veterans Affairs".
Okay . . . but one wonders, what took Lee so long (remember the Walter Reed scandal that went public three years before Mike Lee was elected to the United States Senate?) to finally do something, anything to protect veterans from the deadly incompetence of the VA bureaucracy?
Nevertheless, Senator Mike Lee, in light of the current VA scandal, would like very much for us to believe that he's tall enough to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with America’s veterans and their families.

And you might think he is . . . until you take a look at the little senator’s public positions on legislation designed to honor and protect veterans and their families.
The good senator who is so anxious to ‘Honor Our Veterans’ has yet to publicly support the Service Members Transition Improvement Act of 2013 (Senate Bill 1880).
Senator Lee has not publicly supported the Military Family Relief Act (Senate Bill 1573).
And the little senator who boasts about testifying in support of the ‘Veterans Reintegration Task Force’ in Utah, has yet to stand up in public to support the Veteran Employment Transition Act of 2013 (Senate Bill 140) in the United States Senate.
Will you let Senator Mike Lee’s savory stand or will you tell the honorable senator to put his votes where his little mouth is . . . by snail mail at 316 Hart Senate Office Building – Washington, D.C. 20510 or by phone at 202-24-5444 or by FAX at 202-118-1168?

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