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My Turn: Senators Dumb and Dumber?

This is what taxpayers get for $174,000.00 plus per year
This is what taxpayers get for $174,000.00 plus per year
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In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” ~ Napoleon

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, considered by many on both sides of the aisle to be the two dumbest Republican members of the United States Senate (after Utah’s Mike Lee, the whiz kid who was so in love with shutting down the federal government last fall), thought it would be a good idea to join this week’s GOP pile-on of criticism of President Obama for not restarting George W. Bush’s incredibly stupid war in Iraq.
The honorable Senator Cruz, speaking to a Faith and Freedom Coalition conference, said, “Abroad, we see our foreign policy collapsing and every region in the world is getting more and more dangerous.”
Is our foreign policy collapsing?
What, exactly, does that mean?
Cruz didn’t say.
I know what you’re thinking: What if Senator Cruz is right? What if President Obama is allowing our foreign policy to collapse? If he were president, what would Senator Cruz do differently to prevent that catastrophe?
Cruz didn’t say.
Cruz went on to say, “ISIS' stated objective is to create an Islamic caliphate that runs from Syria to Iraq and then to work to exterminate Jordan, Israel and, ultimately, America.”
And, how does the good senator say ISIS will accomplish that goal.
Does he believe that ISIS actually has the military power necessary to literally exterminate America?
Cruz didn’t say.
Sounds like Cruz knows something the rest of us don’t and if that’s true, if Cruz has inside information on how ISIS plans to exterminate the United States, has he passed it on to the proper authorities?
Cruz didn’t say.
If the dumb senator’s comments weren’t dumb enough, Senator Marco Rubio went dumber when he stood on the Senate floor and said, “Imagine for a moment if we could go back in time to the year 1997, or 1996, or 1998, 1999, and had known about al-Qaeda then what we knew by September of 2001. We would have realized that this was a dangerous group that had the capacity and the deep willingness to attack Americans in order to terrorize us so that we would leave the Middle East and turn it over to people like them.”
“If we had done something about it, it is fair to say that eventually there would have been some terrorist attack, but maybe there wouldn’t have been one on September 11, 2001,”
The honorable Senator Rubio is evidently too dumb to remember that the George W. Bush administration had been warned by several sources, including security advisor Richard Clarke, as early as January, 2001 that al Qaeda posed an imminent threat to the United States . . . warnings that were tragically ignored by Bush and his brilliant vice-president, Dick Cheney, and insightful geniuses like former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, et al, ultimately costing thousands of American lives.
Rubio continued with, “Never again can we allow an al Qaeda-style group to establish a safe haven where they can plot against us anywhere on this planet.”
Rubio was clearly unable to to tell us precisely how the United States could possibly control every square foot of this planet to prevent al-Qaeda style safe havens.
The sad thing is that taxpayers actually give these numbskulls $174,000.00 per year in salary plus thousands more in benefits, perks, and expenses . . . for nothing.
When you listen to Senators Dumb and Dumber, you have to wonder . . . what on earth were voters in Texas and Florida thinking when they elected Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio?
Don’t you?

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