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My Turn . . . Never been much of a graham cracker eater . . . until now

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Did you hear about the remarkable thing Mondelez did?
Don’t know about Mondelez, much less what they did?
Okay . . . not everyone knows . . . yet.
Mondelez is the company that owns the Honey Maid graham cracker brand and they produced a television ad about wholesome living that depicted a cross-section of everyday smiling and laughing families enjoying themselves holding hands and playing together.
Just a bunch of American men, women, and children having a good time.
I know what you’re thinking, A bunch of Americans having a good time? What’s so remarkable about that?
What is remarkable is how thousands of people reacted to this particular Honey Maid television ad and what is even more remarkable is how Mondelez reacted to those reactions.
You see, some of the families in the Honey Maid ad were biracial and gay.
And, believe it or not in 2014, lots of folks didn’t like that.
So, thousands of them reacted negatively, taking the time to send Honey Maid their comments, nasty comments featuring words like, disgusting, filth, wrong and other words too vile to repeat here.
Hateful stuff.
Don’t they get it?
Don’t these folks understand that the Honey Maid TV ad simply reflected the real world we live in today . . . diverse, changing, with different points of view and as many lifestyle choices?
Obviously they don’t.
So, what could Honey Maid do?
Change the minds of the haters?
Maybe yes, maybe no . . . but they felt that they had to at least try.
So Mondelez came up with a doubly remarkable response to the TV ad haters.
They printed out thousands of hateful comments, rolled them up, stood them on end, arranged them into a virtual sculpture that spelled out the word, Love, and filmed it from above to produce another television ad, a Love ad, if you will.
The result?
Mondelez received an overwhelmingly positive response to the Love ad and will probably sell more Honey Maid graham crackers than they otherwise would have had they run a traditional please buy us campaign in the first place.
I know that I’ll be buying Honey Grahams on my next trip to the grocery store.
How about you?

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