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My Turn: Has George Will finally lost his credibility?

Has George Will lost his credibility?
Has George Will lost his credibility?
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One rape, like one murder, is one too many.” ~ Davy Jones

Come on . . . you’d think that George F. Will, the Washington Post’s dean emeritus of conservative columnists, would know that there is no excuse, no reason, no justification for rape . . . no matter who, how, when, where or why.
Wouldn’t you?
In his column in last Friday’s Washington Post, 73 year-old George Will accused rape victims of lying about their accusations and, moreover, said that colleges are making “victimhood a coveted status”.
Here’s the crux of his column: “Colleges and universities are being educated by Washington and are finding the experience excruciating. They are learning that when they say campus victimizations are ubiquitous (“micro-aggressions,” often not discernible to the untutored eye, are everywhere), and that when they make victimhood a coveted status that confers privileges, victims proliferate. And academia’s progressivism has rendered it intellectually defenseless now that progressivism’s achievement, the regulatory state, has decided it is academia’s turn to be broken to government’s saddle.”
Translation . . . the federal government is pressuring colleges and universities to make on-campus rapes a more serious problem than it really is.
Will also relates an incident in this column in which a young lady who’d been ‘hooking-up’ with a guy for three months was in bed with him . . . the guy wanted to have sex; she said no, and he did it anyway.
She didn’t resist so Will concludes that no sexual assault occurred.
Nevertheless, the law is clear . . . there is no debate . . . no woman, whether she fights back or not, should have to have sex with any man under any circumstance.
Non-censual sex is rape . . . period, end of sentence!
That’s it!
No discussion, no negotiation, no nothing . . . no means no!
Anyone want to argue with me?
Didn’t think so!
How has the Washington Post reacted to the prolific public backlash against Will’s column?
Fred Hiatt, the 59 year-old editorial page editor of the Washington Post sent an Email to International Business Times in which he said, “I think George’s column was well within bounds of legitimate debate on an important topic. I welcomed his perspective and I think the ensuing debate, including responses we will publish, is very healthy and exactly what a good opinion section should be offering its readers.”
Within the bounds of legitimate debate?
Sounds eerily similar to Republican Todd Akin’s ‘legitimate rape’ comment, doesn’t it?
George F. Will made his case for all the world to read: the federal government should stop pushing colleges and universities to do a better job of reporting and preventing sexual assaults and non-consensual sex is not sexual assault.
So . . . what do you think . . . has this column cost George Will his credibility as an honest, objective journalist?
If so, should the Washington Post fire him?

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