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My top four exclusive games for PS3

Ever since I first owned a PS2 and played games like God of War, I feel in love with this system. I was really excited to get the PS3, and move onto games like God of War 3 and the Uncharted series. I decided to name my top four exclusive games for PS3:

1. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

The first two games really got into the story-line and life of Nathan Drake. I really loved how Naughty Dog maintained the same gameplay style throughout all the games. I also liked how you went back in time and saw Nathan when he was young break into a museum. The ending sequence was well done, and it was really intense to try to escape the lost city.

2. God of War 3

With the first two games, you got to see what Kratos had to go through to become God of War. I loved the new moves and weapons introduced in this game, especially the lion hands; they did some nice damage. I also loved how Kratos was able to use his original chains of chaos to tear enemies into shreds.

3. Resistance 3

This game has some impressive enemies that really challenge you. The gameplay was so much fun; it was very interesting to use the weapons to destroy enemies. I especially loved to take on the bigger enemies; they packed a powerful punch.

4. Killzone 3

This game was extremely challenging compared to the first two Killzone games. The enemies were very smart, and sometimes it was hard to find their weakness. When I played this game, I frequently used the objects around me as cover, and I liked that their was always somewhere you could hide behind to take out enemies.

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