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My Top 5: Wow! You're a Cheap Date!

The Short North Gallery Hop Tops the list for My Top 5 Cheap Dates in the city.
The Short North Gallery Hop Tops the list for My Top 5 Cheap Dates in the city.
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Please be advised: that is not something you would want to say to a woman, but if you're looking to save a few bucks while spending time with the lady in your life, here a couple of quick tips on how to have a great day out with a cheap date.

5, Dinner and a Movie at Movie Tavern

A well kept secret of the Columbus suburb Hilliard that is slowly but surely making it's way into the mainstream is The Movie Tavern.  At The Movie Tavern, you can catch most newly released movies for just $5 a ticket and enjoy a sports bar like meal at the same time.  The menu at this dinner theater features favorites like the boneless wings for just $7.99, a spicy buffalo chicken wrap for only $7.49, or a get the classic hamburger also for just $7.49.  Before the movie ends offer to share a piece of New York Style cheesecake and spend $4.99 or a chocolate milkshake for just $3.49.  You will leave having spent less then 35 bucks and she will be able to tell her friends about the perfect night at the dinner theater she had with you.

4. The 5 dolla holla

At least that's what my man I call the early show at Easton Town Center.  Catch a movie before noon and you'll pay only 5 bucks.  Give her a call late Friday night and tell her how bad you want to spend time with her, but that you don't want to be disrespectful coming to her house so late at night.  Suggest an early movie and coffee.  You'll spend $10 at the movie, about $8 at Cup-O-Joe, and look like the perfect gentleman in the process.  If you don't mind dipping in your pockets too much, scratch coffee and make it breakfast at Cosi before the movie starts;  you're sure to still come up under $30.

3. Although the weather is getting warmer, you can give her a reason to snuggle up to you by spending an evening on ice.  Adult admission to all three Chiller locations is just $8.00.   Rent your skates for just $2 and you have yourself a $20 date. 

2. Cook for her!

They say the way to a man's heart is through his heart, but a woman is just as impressed with a man who knows his way around the kitchen.  Being a man that can cook tells her that you can take care of yourself and take care of her.  Take some time to learn the foods she likes and dislikes and also try to be sure to note any foods she may be allergic to.  Nothing can be worst then a post date at Urgent Care.  Once you have an idea of what she can and does eat, check out where you can grab meal ideas under $20.  Shop at Wal-Mart or Giant Eagle to get the best bargains with the best quality.

1. The Short North Gallery Hop

Impress her with your love for the arts without breaking your bank.  The Short North Gallery Hop is a free event that takes place the first Saturday of every month on the Short North strip of High Street.  Beginning at 4:00 pm and officially ending at 10:00, the Gallery Hop features over 40 galleries and non-traditional art venues, such as boutiques and salons.  Many of the artists are local, however there some nationally and internationally acclaimed artists that are featured as well.  On the streets, you'll find performers up and down high street showing off their talents, which can range from saxophonists, to singers, from improv. dance troops, to stilt walkers!  Because the actual Hop is FREE, you can be open to dropping by one of the bars and grabbing a drink with your lady.  Be on the lookout though, from time to time, you'll drop in a gallery that offers wine at no cost.  You could easily end this perfect date not spending one red cent.  Which will really make you want to say, "Wow! You're a cheap date!"  But please, if you want to go out with her again...DON'T!

For more information about the venues listed above, visit the following websites:


  • Feast on the Cheap 5 years ago

    Thrilled to be included in your roundup - we like to think we're queens of the cheap the best possible way, of course.

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