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My terror begins for the Halloween season: A personal HowlOScream message

It's September, which means that the Central Florida haunt season is just around the corner. As someone who loves Halloween, I also love living in a place where it's celebrated starting in mid-September and sometimes even running through the very start of November. I got a gentle reminder that I'll soon be facing some terror firsthand at HowlOScream over at Busch Gardens Tampa. Click the video to see the very personal message that beckoned me out to face my fears on Scream Cam.

I'm a huge HowlOScream fan, as Busch Gardens Tampa knows how to put together some great old-school haunted houses with scareactors who pop out of nowhere and get all up into your face. Although I enjoy high-tech, an automated scare can't catch me off guard like a stealthy scareactor. They sense your fear and feed on it and instinctively know the best time to pounce.

This year, HowlOScream is featuring two new haunted houses, Zombie Containment Unit and Dead Fall. The latter is the one referred to in the video, so it looks like I'll be facing a legion of ghosts who want to terrorize me in their world of memories. Sounds just like the sort of thing I thrive on! Of course, Zombie Containment Unit sounds like a fun little romp with the undead, too, so I'm sure I'll love it when I see it at the actual event...if I survive Scream Cam.

Also returning this year is my favorite, Death Water Bayou, as well as the runner-up in my affections, The Basement, along with Blood Asylum and Circus of Superstition 3-D. All in all, it's shaping up to be another horrific fall.

Join me on September 25 for a tantalizing HowlOScream preview. I'll also be soaring soon on Falcon's Fury, but in the meantime, jump to this article to see what it's like to plummet down a drop tower that's over 300 feet tall as you mimic a bird of prey. You'll love the four camera video that will whet your appetite to try it out for yourself, if you dare.

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