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My Spiritual Windows gathering of 2012

My Spiritual Windows gathering of 2012

I am opening a 90-day window on feedback, regarding creating a gathering of the followers of My Spiritual Windows website and blogs in 2012.

  • The cost of gathering made relative to the number of attendees, creating an affordable gathering for all. Unlike many gatherings, the intent would be to make it available to all who desired to attend.
  • Children would be welcome.
  • Intended location – Kansas City, Missouri USA area
  • Healing
  • Vendors
  • Activities for Children
  • Group interaction and sharing
  • Teaching
  • Open to all paths of belief

The window is now open until June 21 of 2011 for feedback and interest shown. Regardless of your path of belief or location – I want to hear from you. Send an email to admin@myspiritual . From 2011 Spring Equinox until Summer Solstice, let me hear from you. Any additional points of interest you would desire created from the gathering include in your response.




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