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My Sisterwife's Closet from 'Sister Wives' website is down again

Brown family
Brown family
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Tonight viewers got a new episode of "Sister Wives" on TLC. On Sunday night, the Brown family talked about their business My Sisterwife's Closet on the entire episode. This is their jewelry line that is sold online. They went into a meeting to try to get an investor to start working with them.

They have been working on this business for two years now. They get a lot of hits to their website but are unable to get enough sales considering the hits that they get. This could possibly be because a lot of the viewers are fans who are just curious but don't really want to purchase items. They need to work on finding a way to get the sales out. That is the problem because if they can't get sales then they can't make any money and this is part of how the family pays the bills.

The talk about My Sisterwife's Closet tonight was so much that their website went down right away. Fans were trying to get to this site and it just would not work. You can't get into it because they can't keep up. Yes this business is still going and they are wanting to sell items. The best thing to do is to keep trying again to see if you can get on the site later in in the night or tomorrow.

Robyn Brown went to Twitter tonight to tell fans to keep on trying the website. She said, "We have upgraded our site several times but every week you all get jump on there at once and crash it! ;-) If you check back it will work." They are doing every single thing that they can but it just can't keep up.

This is good news for the Brown family of "Sister Wives." The fact that their site can't keep up means that people are trying to look at items. They are hoping that this will turn into more sales for them and being able to keep this business open. They will continue to talk more about this business on "Sister Wives" on Sunday nights on TLC.