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My Sisterwife's Closet from 'Sister Wives': Is this store still in business?

Kody Brown
Kody Brown
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Tonight was a new episode of "Sister Wives" on TLC. On Sunday night, the Brown family talked about their business My Sisterwife's Closet and now fans want to know if this store is still open to purchase items from or if they have given it up. Meri decided to go back to college which left Robyn to run it on her own. She wants to have another baby so she may have decided it was time to end the store.

This business has not posted to their Facebook page since March of 2014. Now on Sunday night fans are flocking to the page to ask if they are still open for business but of course they are not answering yet and explaining what is going on. They want to leave fans with a bit of a cliffhanger for the show.

The show talking about My Sisterwife's Closet tonight has caused their site to go up and down again as well. It can be reached but sometimes it is down from all the traffic. When you go to the site, it is obvious that it has a new upgrade. They are now offering watches which were not on their in the past and even a summer sale.

This store is still in business. If they were not, they would have taken down their website and also wouldn't be offering new product and a summer sale. It is unknown how they were able to make it work but they showed that they will be talking to investors this season on "Sister Wives" on TLC. Check out a bit more about the store at this link.

Robyn Brown also went to her Twitter tonight saying that the site is still up. Fans were having trouble with it but they need to just keep trying. They have great affordable jewelry on their now and have listened to their viewers to bring the prices down to an affordable range.

Update: Kody Brown went to Twitter to confirm that the store is still open for business.

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