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My sibling, my friend

My sister, my friend...
My sister, my friend...
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It seems like only yesterday that you were on the Atlantic City Boardwalk competing at the water pistol game to be the first to float the ball over the line.  So close, and then your brother swoops in and wins the prize! 

That memory is just a small sampling of the bickering and competing that the two of you engaged in when you were kids.  You can still vividly picture the instances of teasing, arguing, and sibling torture.  Whether you were the perpetrator or the recipient, the memories and feelings are as clear as if they were yesterday.

In your childhood you were certain that you and your brother or sister would never get along, let alone actually be friends.  You would insist that your relationship was not destined to ever be a civilized one!  However somewhere along the way, whether it be the college years or older, a shift was made in the relationship.  The topics you were able to discuss together broadened and the desire to have conversations increased. 

Besides the obvious familial ties, the bonds of friendship somehow managed to infuse your relationship.  A mutual respect for differences developed and an actual desire to know one another formed.  In the process of growing up you were actually able to develop an interest in each other beyond the normal day-to-day sibling rivalry.

Although this is not always the case for all people, the majority of us become quite fond of our siblings as we journey through adulthood.   Those who do come to this point are very lucky.  Your sibling may very well be the only "friend" who truly has known you since birth.  You share parents, family memories, and childhood trials and tribulations that no one else could understand.

Through years of playing, fighting, laughing, and crying together you've emerged fiercely protective of one another.  There is no greater moment between the two of you than when you embrace as more than just siblings, but as friends as well.  

If you are lucky enough to have a brother or sister, take the time to nurture not only your family bond, but also your friendship to one another.  That one person you need the most some day may be as close as the sibling you ran from in childhood.

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  • ecr 5 years ago

    Ronnie, This has to be one of my favorite articles you have written. Thank you.

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