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My Salvation


It wasn’t that I was far from God it’s just I didn’t have a need to draw closer to him. I didn’t grow up in a church going home. The only time we attended church was around the holidays. It wasn’t until my junior and senior years in high school that I started attending on a regular basis. Even then I didn’t make a commitment. I liked the pastor, liked the church, the services were informative, even entertaining, but I wasn’t completely sold.

Then came college. Leaving a small town to attend Ohio State was quite an adjustment. And to be honest I didn’t do well with it. I became irresponsible, lazy, I indulged in whatever I wanted, and to be frank I was a jerk. But one event changed my life and my perception of what life meant.

On February 4, 2002 I was rear ended by a semi on I-70. Luckily for me the trailer was empty. If it hadn’t been I wouldn’t be here today. That event opened my eyes to life around me and made me question my ways.

It was during this time I started a bible study with a roommate of mine and it was during these times my perceptions of life started to change. It was also during this time I asked Jesus to save me. It was part desperation, part I have exhausted every other way, but I finally realized an important truth… I can’t do this alone.

Since accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior I’ve taken a new view on life. My attitudes and actions have changed and I have more peace and happiness than I ever known I could have. It was God’s grace that saved me and allows me to wake up everyday eager and thankful for the opportunities that lay ahead.

I still make mistakes, there are times when I do dumb things, and no I don’t have everything figured out. But I have God. And through his love and guidance I know that whatever challenges or obstacles await me, He’ll pull me through.

So tell me your story. How has God’s grace changed you?

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