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My response to awful argument in opposition to marriage equality for gays

I was reading my local newspaper, and a letter to the editor caught my eye. It was from a woman who believes that marriage is somehow under assault because a judge overturned Wisconsin's ban on marriages for gay couples, though that is pending an appeal with a higher court. She brought out many of the same old anti-gay rants.

One so called argument is that the person making the decision, was only one judge. Well, there have been numerous judges making the same exact decision. Unless I am mistaken, every federal and state judge who has ruled on these bans, has ruled they are illegal and unconstitutional, and serve no public purpose. They are discrimination based solely on hate and fear.

Also, the one judge argument ignores the fact that to become a judge, requires a high bar. The federal judge in Wisconsin's case, Barbara Crabb, was nominated by a president. This president had to get the nominee through the U.S. Senate, where judicial nominees (until quite recently) could be defeated by only 40 votes.

This is just not some random person who sneaked onto a court bench.

The writer also stated that traditional married couples produced the highest median income, relied less on government assistance and were less likely to live in poverty. This being one man and one woman. Yes, and so if gay couples can marry, this will produce what result?

Heterosexual couples won't marry? Of course not. Gay couples in all likelihood have social economic conditions to provide for a loving home, that matches most heterosexual couples. But anyway, we don't ban poor people from marrying. We don't ban single people from raising kids. So why do those who are anti-gay, always single out gay couples?

Do not the children of gay couples deserve to see their parents married? Would not marriage be a positive for them and their parents, or strangely, is marriage only a positive for heterosexual couples and their families?

I understand that those who oppose marriage equality are desperate. In every single state and probably every county and town in America over the last decade, support for marriage equality has risen, and very dramatically at that.

The anti-gay marriage folks are the last gasps of dinosaurs who don't know that society has moved beyond their fears. Finally, if you want to support marriage equality and gay rights, you can do so on a national level with the Human Rights Campaign, and locally, Fair Wisconsin. Thanks.