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My refrigerator told me I need milk and my toilet seat is all warmed up.

Technology has become commonplace in many American homes – particularly in the rooms where families consume their media, with devices that enable them to program their music and TV from their smartphones, and in the kitchen, and with refrigerators that tell them when they're low on milk.

I'm so pretty

Excited that you can get your serving spoons in different colors? Me too. But after a quick visit to my neighbors newly remodeled kitchen and bathrooms, my red spatula isn't looking that spiffy.

With a touch, I mean a touch of a finger all her kitchen cabinets gracefully glided closed. I could see clearly what every single ingredient resting in her refrig. Oh did I mention new features that include the ability to scan their shelves to see what is in stock and use this information to both plan meals and automatically place a supermarket food order. We can all benefit from a Wi-Fi enabled cooktop that will preheat itself based on the recipe chosen from your phone to a touch-screen refrigerator that keeps track of your contents and comes pre-loaded with apps, the culinary innovations we could have only dreamed of years ago are quickly becoming must-haves. Granted, it will definitely cost you to bring all this in your home, but at least it's all in the good name of "making the kitchen cool again."

Let’s move into the bathroom, because we will find plenty of available technology coming out way for our little abode away from home. You thought having a TV in the bathroom was all the rage, but let’s take a look how you can really pimp out your bathroom. Check out what you'll be able to do in the very near future. No more need to stub your toe on the way to the bathroom, or for that matter, pee with the toilet seat in any position but the correct one. These futurist toilets are so sophisticated that your toilet bowl will double as a night light in the bathroom. And who doesn't need a heated seat with a built-in deodorizing system? And please you know how many times I've walked into my bathroom and wished I had a wall mounted toilet? Yes, a mounted wall toilet that becomes an attractive fixture, hence the deodorizing system. Instead of a regular beige light switch, you'll have a keypad giving you the power to lift or close the lid, decide on flush strength and wait patterns. Yes, wall-mounted toilets with dual flush buttons in the wall. Tell me it's not possible!

For those of us who are conscious of how many trees are being used for our much needed toilet paper, we can become hooked on a bidet. The new bidets will come with multiple controls for water temperature, direction and pressure.

And last but not least will be the bathtub. No longer will I have to visit a 5 star hotel for an out of this world bath experience. The new bathtubs will turn my bathroom into a Disneyland ride. We will be able to program music, color and water temperature with the Kohler Vibracoustic tubs. These babies offer music from hidden speakers, vibrations and chromotherapy lights from colored LED bulbs inserted in the tub wall.

In this health conscious writer's opinion, the more we enjoy the basics of our home, the easier it will be to make healthy choices. And since most of our plans include living a long healthy life, here's to you and your future.

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