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My Pets HATE the Arizona Monsoons!!

I feel so much better! I can't hear the thunder!
I feel so much better! I can't hear the thunder!

Many pets do! After all, the loud thunder, the big bangs, the scary wind, the lightening!! Who wouldn't?


The Monsoons are coming soon!

Is your Dog or Cat afraid of the Monsoon Noises? Many pets are. In fact some pets are so afraid that they need help from their veterinarian by taking a prescription sedative! Whatever you do, do not ever give your pet anything without seeing your veterinarian first! If your pet is so afraid and you've tried everything, then you may want to schedule an appointment to see if your vet can help.

Here are some Az Pet Experts Tips for the upcoming Storm Season.

If your pet/s is afraid, try these simple solutions.

Desensitize or counter conditioning:

you can do this by creating loud noises and making sure your pet gets a treat during these times assuring him that Loud is OK. You can buy a tape of Thunderstorms and play them periodically during the week. Start off with a low volume and eventually work your way up. This will help to condition your pet to respond in a Non-Fearful way to noises that once scared him.
Play Time” playing your pet’s favorite

INDOOR game at the onset of the storm will help him prepare for the worst. Hopefully he will be able to associate that during a storm is when it is time to have fun inside! Give lots of Positive Reinforcement during this time inside.

Calming tricks: while you go about your business with the thunder and lightning booming outside, maybe even singing and whistling, will convey to your pet that you don’t think it is a big deal.

Create a “Safe Place” for him to go to. This can be a quite bathroom or bedroom, preferably the one farthest from windows and the quietest. A good rule of thumb to pick your pets “Safe Place” is to watch where your pet goes when he is frightened. Just because you think the bathroom is the “Safe Place”, doesn’t necessarily mean your pet does. If your pet hides under the bed like mine does, then make sure that your pet has access to that room. If you pet hides in blankets, or clothes on the floor, let him. Place a food and water bowl to assure him that he has picked a safe and happy place to go when he is afraid. Make sure you do not confine your pet, let them come and go. Some pets need to be able to stay active when they are fearful. Hiding doesn’t always work for all cats and dogs.

Crate Training. Some dogs do better if they are in their safe and sound Crate. Remember, dogs are Den Dwelling Animals; this is a good place to them.

Turn on a Radio, Tv or Fan to help drown out the noise.

Most of all, Reassure your pet that you will be inside with them throughout the storm. Make yourself visible. If your pet needs you to hold him, then hold him. You can still implement or try any of the above examples. Even puppies and kittens that start out not afraid can develop the fearfulness at an older age, so make sure to always notice how your pet is acting throughout storm season.

For even more…. Check out the Thunder Shirt! Just go to

The Thunder shirt uses gentle, constant pressure to calm your dog, effectively aiding anxiety, fearfulness, barking and more.

Today there are even additional items to help calm a fearful pet, like the soft Happy Hoodie that goes around their head and ears.

Wishing you luck with your pet's through the entire Monsoon Season and please remember, if you are going to be hiring one of the pet experts from, during the Monsoon Season, please make sure that you inform them of which of your pets are afraid and what they can do to help! Thank you pet parents! Kim

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