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My personal reading with local psychic Dana Shino, Part 2

Creator of the on-line publication The Purple Phoenix, Dana Shino
Creator of the on-line publication The Purple Phoenix, Dana Shino
From The Purple Phoenix

This is the second part of an article about my personal psychic reading with Dana.

Dana also sensed a lot of Angelic energy surrounding our session as it went on, she might have been surprised to find out how little I knew before listening to her audio and taking the HTA training of running light or setting space! You see, I’m aware of the processes, I’m aware of the theories & ideas…but I always feel the need for someone outside of myself to say “Yep, you got it!” and so I am easily discouraged from continuing a practice because I simply don’t know if I’m doing “it” right, or if I am even DOING anything. With her guidance I am starting to trust more, to allow more and observe rather than TRY to MAKE something happen. She reminded me that Earth is a planet of free will, therefore it is truly against the Rules to influence others without their direct permission: that’s considered interference, which is a BIG no-no. Therefore, we must consciously REQUEST the help of our spirit guides; otherwise their influence is minimal compared to what their true potential to help us is. The daily setting of space and consciously, with great intention, asking for guidance & help from our guides, angels, etc, can make a real difference in our daily experience of life. Even with my natural tendency to attract Angelic support, she repeatedly told me that with conscious effort I could really take the relationship with my guides to a whole new level! It was here she brought up my questions and the first question she looked at was the last question, #7. Here is a list of my questions, starting with #7:

#7: I sometimes feel my guides must become frustrated with my stubbornness and difficulty in connecting with them…are there any messages they have been trying to get through to me that they can clearly convey now, through you?

#6: I tend to ‘get in my own way’ frequently, will this be the case as I enter the beginning learning stages of doing energy work? What types of things can I do for myself to keep ‘out of my own way’?

#5: Is David still keeping an eye out for me or is he ‘tied up elsewhere’ too much to check on me?

#4: What is holding me back from making real progress on my book?

#3: Why does it seem my body ‘shuts me down’ (pinched nerve, sore back, etc) sometimes when I’m “on a roll” (doing my belly dancing & yoga, etc)?

#2: What is the significance of singing/music for me in this life?

#1: Sometimes I feel like I’m going insane…is the cause Hormonal or are the energy shifts you so frequently mention affecting me? Is there another cause I have not thought of?

I find it interestingly appropriate that although the first question she read was the last question I wrote, the subject matter flowed from the first part of the reading directly into the second. Immediately as she read question #7 she became aware of a very strong male presence: one of my Spirit Guides. When she described him as having an ‘old timey’ name he bristled a bit and I laughed when she corrected herself “He doesn’t like being called ‘old-timey’ {mimicking what he told her} ‘It’s not Old-Timey!’” Sometimes now, when I want to connect to my spirit guides directly, I will request help from my spirit guide with the Distinguished name…I think he likes that.

Regardless of whether or not Dana reads the questions before her sessions it is OUR intention when asking the questions that create the space for Spirit to communicate to Dana the information most appropriate for us. Just as a healer is a conduit, psychic ability is also a natural gift of conductivity. In her place, I would also prefer to wait until the information from Spirit was communicated before reading the questions, because I would want to see how much was relevant to the questions after the fact. But, then again I do like “proof” when it comes to things of this nature, one of the reasons I enjoy doing energy work with animals. Their reaction to the work leaves no doubt that something is happening! So, it is not so surprising that the bulk of our time in the start was spent discussing subjects related to my first 3 questions! You’d think writing a list of things you desire the answers to would be very easy, but when you trust the person you are asking, you suddenly realize “I don’t want to waste our time with something I actually have a good idea of the reasons for!” Luckily I didn’t have too many of those in mind, but when I’d write a question sometimes it looked back at me like “Hmmm…THIS is the best you got?”

When it came to #4, I was completely void of any pre-conceived ideas what the answer might be. I was simply curious (especially since Doug seems to think it is the best option I have for making money right now!) The answer, (once more!) shouldn’t have surprised me, but to hear my deepest wishes voiced by someone other than me was exciting! She felt that because I’m working with really old energies and I don’t have all the information yet, it is going to be very helpful to have a daily practice of setting intention & space and asking for assistance. By strengthening my connection to my Spirit Guides and higher self, I will find the access I need to information that will allow me to write the story, as it should be told.

She has no idea what my book is about.

Atlantis is the birthplace of this story, during a time when Priests of dark arts were beginning to find a foothold and become emboldened in their practices. (Perhaps not unlike the party guilty for my mothers previous incarnation’s death?) Five main characters are followed then through time, experiencing the places and times in our planets’ history I am fascinated with. Atlantis is one; Scotland is another…as well as Egypt and a few more. Perhaps you can see why the Tarot reader told me “It’s not a book you’re writing, it’s an Epic Novel!” Each lifetime has potential to be a book unto itself! The original story idea came to me in my early 20’s, during an interesting time in my life that involved a red headed young lady, a Ouija Board and myself. It was at least another 10 years before I even began to put the story onto paper and it’s been another 10 since I’ve started actual writing. I have 2 outlines of different lifetime experiences recorded, whether they eventually become skeletal ideas to be filled in with lots of vibrant details, or refined to be kept at their current length or shortened remains to be seen. My dream from the beginning was to learn how to regress into past lives and find personal experiences with these times/places: I want to breathe life into history and make it personal. The stories emerging from me now certainly flow out of me, but I have no idea how much is related to actual experiences from previous lives and I WANT to know this. (I also am not the research type…I don’t enjoy reading cold, hard facts, numbers, dates….I like to feel as if I am experiencing that time from a truly personal & emotional standpoint. So, remembering past lives would be a much more interesting way of extracting history for my stories!)

As far as feeling insane, I suspect there are a whole lot of us feeling this way about now! Especially for those of us who have been tuned into 2012 Shift information, which has been available for a long time but is becoming much more widely accepted. We are entering a truly amazing period of human history on Earth; there is a literal shift of consciousness occurring. It gains strength with each person who accepts the meaning of true healing: healing ourselves, each other and the planet through raising our vibrational rate with clear intention, love & joy. I see this far reaching effect as similar to the scale used to rate earthquakes-each number up is magnified to a much higher degree than you might think: each decimal point on that scale represents amazing increases in energy ripples. The potential each human being carries for healing, light, joy & love is far beyond the healing of their body, mind & spirit. It extends outwards as well as inwards: a life-changing healing ripple of energy is waiting to be harnessed!

Of course, in the end we must do the actual work of healing. We must practice observing our bodies & emotions, being aware of the flow of information coming to us every moment of our lives. Learning to love ourselves, our bodies, our minds and the diversity of the human race is not easy, but it IS simple. The thicker your personal walls of protection around the truest, most sensitive part of your soul and WHO you are will affect how difficult the process of healing will be perceived. A lifetime of habits/choices that specifically avoid feelings of vulnerability have compounded the protections intertwined with my DNA passed to me from my Mother. Just for the entertainment factor alone I have decided to throw in a heavy dose of (a TRULY serious) lack of patience. No wonder Dana encouraged me to be very gentle, very forgiving and easy with myself as I start the real work.

When she read #6, Dana experienced a vortex of energy bursting through her Crown chakra and described the feeling as almost being pushed out of her body. We had already discussed the area of healing and it’s impact on my life as one of my gifts to share with my fellow travelers on Earth. Upon feeling this vortex of energy she excitedly proclaimed to me “Michelle, you’re a NATURAL!” I admit a feeling of validation & excitement upon hearing those words, because even though I have very little experience right now with healing, energy work & communicating with animals-I feel the pull so strongly that I have known for a while this is the direction my life is meant to take. She laughed a little when she assured me this information is not meant to pressure me in any way, to frighten me by the breadth of my purpose, or my potential. I WANT potential, I WANT to make others feel better and I understand it begins with myself: most of all I WANT to feel joy simply because I am alive. While I have moments of this euphoria, they are much more likely to occur in my comfort zone: my little piece of earth. I can sit in my stone circle or near Eli’s resting place and listen to the wind, the birds, the horses that surround me, observe the clouds in a blue sky and feel completely at peace with my feet tickled by grass. Unfortunately I still have to drive myself to a ‘real’ job for now and the challenge is in finding the same enjoyment from this area of my life as I do when I’m in nature.  (Conveniently located in my back yard!)

I would highly recommend a personal reading with Dana to anyone who feels the desire to ‘check in’ with Spirit. To find some inspiration or understanding of a specific issue is reason enough, I think, to contact a psychic you are comfortable with. For me personally, I really enjoy reading The Purple Phoenix. Dana’s articles often give me a sense of “Oh Thank Goodness! I’m not alone!” When I mentioned to her during our session how odd it is for me to suddenly feel a desire to help people when all my life I’ve wanted to AVOID people she laughed and confirmed that she understands that feeling all too well! I think more and more of us are starting to become aware of this “fish out of water” feeling, a feeling that “I really don’t belong here, human beings are hopeless-their priorities are all wrong, they’re destroying their environment without a care and kill each other over differences that should bring us together in a celebration of the diversity, beauty & wonder of life and our differences”

Then I suddenly remember “Oh yea, I’m Human to” and then it becomes a question of what my role is, what can I do to help move humanity in the right direction? In a recent newsletter, Dana admitted to standing in a field near her house, yelling to the sky that she didn’t belong here & was ready to go home. I laughed when I read that, with utter relief: I AM NOT ALONE.

However, on a more serious note: Dana experienced a Near Death experience during the first week of April. During the process she lost the son she had carried for 29 weeks, her blood pressure topping out at 274! By all rights she should be dead, in a coma or brain damaged. She amazed the staff at the hospital, saying she herself didn’t know it was unheard of to do the things she was doing as she recovered and especially in the time she accomplished them. She escaped with her health, minus the gift of life that was growing within her. The single thought when I read about her experience was how fortunate for her that she has the ability to communicate with the soul that was joined with her for a short time not only before & during the pregnancy but also after it was prematurely ended. Small comforts are still comforts that were also aided by the love & support of the Spiritual community she has become such a strong part of. The fact that this woman experienced such profound trauma to her body, mind & spirit and was then able to rebound so soon to a place where she is able to write about her experience impresses, amazes and astounds me at the same time! (She sent out a Newsletter sharing her experience within a week or so! It’s taken me over 3 months to process my reading with her!) Losing such a wonderful source of encouragement, support and understanding so early in my own healing process would have been quite a blow to me, so from a purely selfish standpoint I am so thankful she decided to stick around!
I encourage you to subscribe to The Purple Phoenix and support the important work Dana Shino does for Colorado, especially for those in the Durango/Four Corners region and all of those in the metaphysical world!

After writing about the reading I wanted to give Dana the opportunity to edit my interpretation of the session and I will share with you her beautiful response:


So, today, all business - I rolled up my sleeves and open your word doc to 'edit.' And then I felt embarrassed and humbled and then really touched. THANK YOU for writing all those wonderful things about me in relationship to your journey. I really appreciate it!

humbly -

Thank You Dana for all that you do, for all that you share & for all that you encourage in others.



  • cousin Diana 5 years ago

    I am so happy to have found your writing again ......after waiting for so long and not receiving them I just gave thought to my spam box and guess what I found...why they went there is well unknown ...but I marked them NOT spam and hopefully I receive them in my GOOD box...Love to you God Bless all you do

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