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My Personal Ghost Experiences

The theory is that we are surrounded by spirits everywhere we go.
The theory is that we are surrounded by spirits everywhere we go.
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What follows are paranormal encounters that I have not been able to disprove as just being creeks or groans of mere fluctuations within the space time continuum. What is spirituality about but than some form of belief in spiritual beings beyond the physical life?

*Last December I had interviewed spiritual medium Rebecca Rosen for an article I wrote about her for the Examiner. (You can read the interview on the Examiner website. The link to the site is on my facebook profile) As I interviewed her we both were witness to strange sounds in her office as she contacted those that are dearly departed in my life. She has a waterfall fountain and it would make strange gurgling sounds at key moments during that interview.

When I got back to where I was living at that time I was recounting the interview and the reading that she gave me. I was with my roommate and her son was in the other room. I was stating how Mrs. Rosen had said that my Mom had been there in the room with us. We were in the basement. As I was talking about my Mom the lights in the room we were in and the lights in the room my other roommate were in flickered. All three of us were startled by this. The lights did not have a history of doing this before or after this conversation.

*I had heard numerous paranormal stories of the buildings where I had been doing security patrols for most of this year. Several tenants had related to me they had heard the water running in the bathrooms with nobody in there. I can not even recall the exact amount of times I would be walking by and hear the water run in the sinks for about five seconds each time. (I worked weekend days and in general there was nobody in these buildings at all.)The sinks have the motion sensors on them. There are two buildings that are similar in design and in both of them I would hear water running as I was either walking by or in the men’s room myself. I also experienced toilets flushing on at least two occasions.

On any occasion that I had to use the facilities I would hear the water run in the women’s bathroom for about five seconds. Then it would run again a few minutes later. It would do this three of four times per occasion I was in there. It was not timed nor was it on a consistent pattern. The times in between the episodes were not consistent. I made it a habit to always knock on the door and check to see if anyone was in there before or after I heard the water running.

I would also hear doors creaking or moving and nothing would have moved. This was the same building where I encountered a tenant once on a Saturday morning. I had just walked into the building, it was about 8am, and she came up to me and had asked how long I had been in the building. I said I had just arrived there not even a few minutes before. She had said that was strange because she had been there for about an hour and kept hearing doors opening and closing. I told her that as far as I was aware there were no other cars in the parking lot besides hers.

*I moved in with friends in June of this year. As I was cleaning up the room I currently live in I was talking to my new roommate/land lady. This was the room her father had lived in. He passed away a couple years ago. She inherited the house from him. His wife also had passed many years ago and she is not sure if his wife passed away in the house or not. As we chatted a plastic box that had been sitting on a book shelf just fell off of the shelf. It had not been touched and we did not even know it was there. Also while cleaning out this room I saw my hiking back pack fall off of the shelf. It had been sitting there unmoved for at least three or four days.

When both of my roommates are gone I will hear water draining down the pipes from the upstairs bathroom. I have seen at least one shadow pass by me out of the corner of my eye when I am in the computer/TV room. I have heard the door open just outside the computer/TV room that I frequent. I went out to investigate but saw both the basement door and the back door closed and secure.

One night I was watching TV late and the TV turned itself off…both the TV and the cable box. I did not have either remote near me; they were both in plain site on the table in front of me. On another night staying up late, the Comcast remote did not work. It would not change the channels. The next morning it worked fine.

Just a few weeks ago I was in bed and had trouble sleeping. The room is very dark and the windows are draped and no light enters the room. I heard no car go by outside but saw a beam of light go across the ceiling from the back corner where there is no window and out through the door of the room. This goes against how a car light would enter the room, which again was pitch black. The patio doors face the street and my bed is against the back wall and I can look at the patio doors. The light came from the corner of the room on the wall my bed is on. That is the darkest corner of the room as on the other side of that outside wall is a neighbor’s house. The only way a car light could originate from that corner would be if a car were in the back yard. There are no alleys back there either.

Now I have saved the best for last. I have video of some of the following accounts and hope to upload the video soon on YouTube and of course facebook.

*Back in late August I worked at an event as an overnight security guard. Mostly I was there for a fire watch. This was at a large complex in Denver. There were a couple of facility workers who would walk through the building before it closed for the night. They assured me that I was the only one who would be there.
As a security professional I still did rounds through this building to make sure that all outer doors were locked and secured. This was a very big building with three levels and I would guess at least 100,000 square feet if not more. One patrol would take about an hour.

On the night I stayed over I unfortunately did not have my digital recorder or video camera with me. This was the night with the most activity. I was down in the area where they would keep livestock for the rodeos. I was chatting on my cell phone with a friend. This was at about 9pm. Out of nowhere I heard a very loud bang like someone smacking the side of a metal cabinet or large generator. I told my friend that I had to get off the phone because I had to investigate this sound.

The room I was in was very large and very dark except for emergency lighting. I had my maglite, which is nothing more than a lead pipe with a flashlight on the end of it. This light shines far, about 30-40 yards, but I still could not see all across this dark room. I stated “Who is there? This is security, I am armed and do have permission to use deadly force if necessary.” (I did not have a gun, but deadly force is allowed in Colorado under the “make my day” law. That is if you are an intruder and come onto private property deadly force can be used without question by the authorities.)

I heard nothing in response. I continued to walk the perimeter of this room. Many seconds later I heard two more very loud and distinct bangs upon some metal wall. This time they were twice as loud as the first time. Again I called out and heard no response. Then one more time, a few minutes later, I heard three more even louder bangs coming out of the darkness and piercing through me like a knife through hot butter. I continued to patrol and investigate and found no outer doors unlocked or open. I figured that if there was someone in the building they could hide anywhere but why in the dark in the smelly animal staging area in the basement?

There was valuable stuff at the show I was there for. But nothing much else of value was in this building. So I decided that if there was someone in the building I should be as close to the exhibit area as possible. If they could hide from me, which was easy in such a big place, than I could just as easily hide from them and wait to hear them approaching or moving around. I never heard evidence of movement through the entire night.

I was sitting out near the exhibit area doing some writing. The exhibit walls were made of cloth with wood frames. At one point I heard a loud pop in the exhibit closest to me. It was as if the wood snapped in half. There were no signs of anything being disturbed.

At around three in the morning I found myself dozing off. I was still in the same area near the front of the exhibits. I dozed on and off for a bit. Only the emergency lights were on and I found out later on that they are not on a timer and are turned on and off manually. I woke up and was washed over by the lights being on throughout the entire hall I was in. This is a warehouse setting and it was as if I woke up in sunshine. This startled me. I thought employees were in the building. It was about 5am. I went to walk away and get a drink of water and severely rolled my ankle. It still aches to this day and it is some two months past the event. I came back out to the area about an hour later and saw that only the emergency lights were on. For the record employees did not start to arrive until about 7am and the noises they made were distinct and I made sure to encounter them and say hi.

The 2nd night I worked I was there for the evening from 6pm-12am. This time I came prepared with my little camera and digital recorder. I was patrolling the office area in the hallways. I heard a metal door slam closed. This was about 8pm after I was preparing to do rounds to make sure the building was secure. I was in a stairwell when the metal door slammed shut. It sounded as if it were nearby. I could not find the source of this sound.

I went and picked up my video camera and performed rounds. Just before I entered the arena area I caught on the camera’s audio the sound of something hitting the wall near me. I could not find anything on the ground but it sounded like a rock being thrown in my general direction. As I entered the arena I could actually feel and see the hair on my arms stand up. I have never experienced this sensation
before. It was a chilling affect. As I walked through the arena, which was pitch dark, I felt as if someone was there, as if I was being watched.

The other thing that I know for sure that I caught on the camera’s audio was hearing another door slam shut somewhere off in the distance. Both of these events happened well before 10pm. When my friend came into relieve me we both did a round of the building. We did not experience anything out of the ordinary. We used our digital recorders but I have yet to listen to it. (We took our time walking through the animal area where I had heard the loud bangs before. It was as silent as could be and nothing happened at all, much to our dismay.)

I had asked him if he had experienced anything out of the ordinary while he was there. He said he kept hearing birds in various rooms and locations. But he could never see any. I told him that I had not heard any birds chirping at all. All in all this was the most dynamically active place I have ever been in. These were the most concrete and livid experiences I have ever had. Also these were the most chilling experiences I have ever had. But in no ways did I ever feel
threatened or scared. After all life does not end after we pass away. Energy can not be destroyed-it merely changes forms.


  • kyleigh 4 years ago

    This was definatly a good experience to tell. It had a good plot and very detailed. This vas very intersting and i hope to hear more.!

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