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My own results on 8 sessions of microdermabrasion

I bought a package of eight microdermabrasion sessions with the aluminum oxide crystals method. In the course of six months I finished all eight sessions. But what are the results? Honestly, I don't know. I don't really feel that much has changed, if there is any improvement I would say it's subtle.

One thing I can say for sure, my sunspots are still there. Which is what I was hoping to get rid of, but they are there all the same. After each treatment, my face felt a little smoother and perhaps a subtle lightening or an appearance of improvement. But when I think, do I really see a change from six months ago to now, I can't say that I do. There are no huge results standing out to say aha it was worth it for me. Therefore, if I had to do it again, I wouldn't.

It is not a painful procedure, it does feel like sandpaper scraping on your face. There are different degrees of settings from weak to strong during the administering of the crystals for you to get used to it on your face. Even though you wear a cap it still gets a little messy with the crystals getting in the front of your hair and on your ears. The face will feel sensitive and a little warm afterwards like when one gets a sunburn but it goes away after a couple hours. If you have a procedure done, don't scratch your face the rest of the day because it will be tender from the exfoliation as it was in my experience.

If you have had any sessions, please comment on your own results and on what method you used. I would say my own skin is on the thicker side. Results may vary from person to person or skin type. It would be interesting to hear about how it resulted for you to compare.

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