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My open letter to Kenya Moore

Kenya in yellow dress
Photo by Frederick M. Brown

Dear Kenya Moore,

You were once a beautiful and poised Ms. USA, but today your onscreen behavior is less than award winning. I know I do not know you and what I have seen of you on your show, is edited and can be quite misconstrued. However, going strictly by your own words and your own actions, you appear to be in quite some emotional pain.

You say your mother abandoned you and still now wants nothing to do with you. Regardless of why this is, I am sure it is excruciatingly hurtful. Could it be that your behavior is a direct result of this pain? Are you even aware that your behavior is less than stellar? You cannot keep blaming others for the situations you get yourself into. I am not judging you as much as I am pointing out that your life can be so much more drama free, if in fact you would go to your heart and search therein. Even with the editing on tv, it is clear that you are creating plenty of fires on your own. Your intentions are not always honorable and your reaction when they are not received well does nothing but escalates the drama.

Kenya, your actions and comments show you to be in need of much attention, it also reveals that trust is a problem for you. I also wonder if your self-esteem is as solid as it should be. After all you won one of the most coveted competition around. I do understand why these could be issues, but I would say to you it is time to get serious about taking a closer look at your behavior and seek out some help. I imagine your happiness, joy and inner peace must be challenged by your behavioral choices. It does appear that you want a true and genuine relationships with both males and females, but you are sabotaging your own efforts at every turn. What you want and think you must have is not in tune, and therefore will not help you get what you so desperately need. You are waging a war within self which will obliterate you inside and out. Coupled with your desire to retreat to an unemotional and aloof attitude where you can detach from both people and situations, this is wreaking havoc on your friendships and relationships. People do not feel you are genuine and find you to be opportunistic. You, more than anyone else must look to the past to help you make future decisions. But your past is full of hurt hence the reason I would implore you to get some help to sort things out.

Kenya, you appear to be someone who is unique, charming and full of life. Here in Atlanta where you live, the culture is ripe for people such as yourself who is ready to jump in and live. The angry, confused, hating black woman is not becoming. Kenya, I hope you will seriously consider what I have said. It is all in nothing but love.



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