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My observation of this weeks General Hospital

Morgan Corinthos

This week's promo for General Hospital really shows a lot of drama going on in Port Charles.

Fluke holding a gun on Ned. Will it show Tracy she is married to a Mad man?

Morgan shouting truths to his father. Will Morgan ever be able to trust his father again?

Sonny realizing Ava shot Olivia. Will Olivia ever be able to trust Sonny again?

My take is Tracy is so blind to this because she is so needy and actually is like an abused wife. She will take anything this man dishes out just so he will love her. so not the real Tracy. maybe she is the impostor.

Morgan has never had the love of Sonny. Maybe because Morgan grew up loving Jax and wanting to emulate the White Knight instead of the mob boss. Now he tried to love his father but the man has disappointed and deceived him. No he will never trust him again.

Sonny will hate himself for his one night stand with Ava and this will make him more vicious and murderous. Wait until he finds out she killed Connie. He just might castrate himself.

Maxie and Spinelli back together again. Will Maxie get her baby back? I would say no. She has major storyline now and adding a baby to the mix will not work.

Well this is my take on the weeks ahead on GH. what do you think?

General Hospital can be seen weekdays on ABC at 2 p.m.

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