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My night at the Heineken Red Star Soul event in Dallas


Heineken Red Star Soul Dallas, Texas

Once a year Heineken sponsors the Red Star Soul Tour, which is a tour that hits major cities promoting the Heineken brand. During the tour, some of the best entertainers perform, and you get to drink as many free Heinekens as your system allows.

I had the pleasure of attending one of the tour stops in my hometown of Dallas, Texas. The event took place on Thursday, September 17th at the Ghostbar on the 33rd floor of the W Hotel.  I do have to say that the line was very long and extended from one corner to the next. The reason being, there were two hot guests on the bill, Estelle and Big Boi ( Outkast). Not only were we anxious to see them hit the stage, we were ecstatic to hear the famous DJ D-Nice hit the turntables.

Once inside the venue we got a chance to take a picture on the green carpet and got ushered to the elevators where we rode up in style. Once on the 33rd floor, the elevator doors opened and we walked into Heineken heaven. There were lots of people socializing and enjoying ice cold Heinekens. The host for the evening was Comedian/Actor Kevin Hart. Kevin kept us laughing and was very entertaining. He was also proactive in keeping everyones hands around a Heineken.

Estelle was the first to perform and she brought us the real and uncut. She's very personable and brought us to her world. She loves crowd interaction and we appreciated her for that. She even brought a gentleman on stage to dance with her which was one of the funniest moments of the night. In between sets DJ D-Nice deejayed a great mix of old school/new school Hip Hop music. Big Boi came out and knocked us off of our feet. He performed some popular Outkast songs such as B.O.B and So Fresh and so Klean. Big Boi also blessed us with a few cuts from his upcoming c.d.

All in all I had a very great night and Heineken represented in a very classy way. Feel free to visit Tani's Thoughts for more pics from the night.