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My new love: Hand dyed leggings

Leggings (in rust), $86.
Leggings (in rust), $86.

My hiatus is over. After some much-needed time away to work on writing projects, personal projects, and to spend time with my family on the east coast, I've returned. I'm back to give my commentary on stuff I love, what I want, and how I think it should be worn. Posting here will return to its regular schedule, which means new articles will be published semiweekly starting today.

Now, please turn your attention to these tights. Gah. I love. I found these at shop shabd and I fell in love instantaneously. Unfortunately, when I found them size options were limited. As in, the only size available was a size 1. I'm not even really sure what that means, but it scares me.

I thought of a few style options when looking at these leggings:

First option: Wear at home every single day. Forever.
Second option: Wear to my next all girls' shindig.
Third option: Wear under a long skirt so when I cross my legs in public, onlookers will see my amazing tights and not my baby soft skin. Or leg hair. Depending on the day.

But there's just one problem.

I've tried the wear-leggings-with-a-long-skirt method before. Not out of an expression of my own personal style, but out of necessity. It was winter time, and no matter how big a coat I wore, I couldn't seem to stay warm enough. Enter: Leggings Under Everything.

I started wearing leggings under my jeans, and under dress pants when I went to work. Then one day, I tried wearing them under a long skirt. It was a major fail. It appears as though skirts (of almost any material) tend to stick to tights/leggings. Not in the classic static-y way that you can prevent, but in a magnetic-force way where the fabrics are somehow attracted to each other, causing them to intertwine in a complicated tango while you walk. It's like having your shoelaces knotted together, only you can't just stop in the middle of the street, and take your tights off. I mean, maybe you could, but you should expect a call from your mom later in the day saying that her friend saw you walking down the street and suddenly undress, and now she wants to know if it's true.

Of course not.
What gives you the idea that that's happened to me?

Bottom line: Get these tights, and wear them all the time. With discretion of course. I mean, please don't wear them with like, a mini knit dress, a jean jacket, and a hijab because...Good Lord, I got embarrassed just typing that. Seriously, you know who you are. Have a little self control.

In any (appropriate) scenario, I'd pair these leggings with flats, and an oversized tunic in a neutral color like beige of gray. I'd also wear something leather on my wrists, and maybe a long necklace -- preferably one with some sort of animal tooth charm hanging from the end.


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