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My new life in Chicago


                Kasia Laczak

“Kasia is a student of Read to Learn, an adult literacy program in a northwest
suburb. English is her second language; Polish being her first language. It is her objective to strengthen her writing skills. This is her experience in coming to
. I’m sure she would appreciate your comments and encouragement.”

I came to the
US 10 years ago. I was lucky from the very beginning because my destination city was Chicago, known as the birthplace of the modern skyscrapers and the third largest city in the

In the very beginning I was so overwhelmed about everything that this country has to offer. I didn’t realize that
is so amazing.

I was 19 and hungry for adventures so I decided to go on a road trip for three full weeks. I managed to see 48 US states, and as much as I enjoyed the beautiful sites of sunny California, Colorado’s stunning Rocky Mountains, or Nevada’s Grand Canyon I knew now and then that
has it all.

After I came back I decided it’s time to see what
is all about.

The number one site on my list was Navy Pier. During the summer there is so much to do from taking boat tours, which are spectacular, to enjoying one of the most famous pizzas in the world:
deep dish.

But what really struck me was Chicago’s annual event called Venetian Night, beautiful old fashioned boats and great atmosphere, it really feels like

I also think
MillenniumPark is really worth experiencing. There are a lot of indoor and outdoor activities, free summer concerts and picnic areas to enjoy so even regular boring Sunday afternoons can become very fun and entertaining.

Talk about entertaining, the John Hancock famous Signature Room located on the 95th floor offers a beautiful skyline view and is magnificent. The restaurant has a great menu, but when we got the food I was shocked how little portions were, and (at least mine) not very tasty. So I would recommend that place for a drink or two, and for great views of the city.

Living in
and not going to the Chicago Bulls game would be a crime. Maybe now without Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen games are less famous but most definitely not less entertaining. The show before the game is great and the team really makes you want to jump out of the seats.

Another great place to visit in
is the Shedd Aquarium. It is an indoor public aquarium that holds over 32,000 animals. They have great events for families like Fantasea Aquatic Show, Wild Reef, Oceanarium and many, many more, which makes it really worth seeing.

And how about downtown Chicago for example,

North Michigan Avenue

is the home of the best upscale boutiques, fabulous restaurants and
WaterTowerPark. Just walking around is entertaining.

Overall Chicago is a very friendly city that has so much to offer to absolutely everybody.

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  • Mary Beth 5 years ago

    Congratulations on your first published article, Kasia. Good job!

  • Ciocia 5 years ago

    Kasia,We are so proud of you

  • Gosia xox 5 years ago

    I am so proud of you! This is great.

  • Agnieszka K 5 years ago

    Congratulations Kasia,great job!!!!!!!!!!

  • June K 5 years ago

    You are a great ambassador for Chicago! You are what this city if all about and keep up the good work.

  • Lesley Goldberg 5 years ago

    What a wonderful article! I hope you continue to write more articles about your Chicago experiences. Congratulations on it being published. You should be very proud.

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