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My, My, Don't leave before the final curtain! (Mamma Mia!)

Don't miss the ending! MY, MY it will realy get you!
Don't miss the ending! MY, MY it will realy get you!
Photo by Rommel Demano/Getty Images

I can't believe I waited so long to see this award winning Show. I've always been a great ABBA fan!

First impressions of the newly refurbished Tropicana Resort Hotel Casino - fantastic! Their flyer says "We've changed everything" and they aren't kidding. Our Saturday night visit saw the place buzzing.Great atmosphere.

I wasn't overjoyed with my seats and a request for a change went unheeded, nevertheless the show and cast were outstanding.

Despite the movie and the length of time that this award winning production has been around I must confess I had no idea what the story line was about. My wife on the other hand had seen the movie with Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan in London over 6 years ago. The simple set and minimum props focuses your attention on the cast and story line and most importantly the music. I'm sure you (unlike me) are all aware of the plot. A young girl with a single mom on a Greek island prepare for her wedding. For 21 years the young lady, Sophie has unsuccessfully attempted to learn the name of her father.

Discovering her mothers diary she learns of the three men in her mothers life at the time of her conception, and secretly invites them to her wedding, in hopes of discovering exactly who her Dad really is! What a great plot!

Mom it turns out was a member of a female trio which leads to some great costume creations and ABBA inspired numbers.

I won't spoil the ending for you just in case like me you've lived on another planet for the last 15 years!

I will warn you however that for me anyway the encores were the musical highlight of the production. I felt really sorry for the fairly large number who thought they were being clever by slipping out as the cast began to take their bows.

Fortunately I was trapped in the middle of a row and felt obliged to sit it out till the end. I was so glad I did. The ensemble came together in at least three numbers that had everyone on their feet, and justifiably so!

Truly a 'must see' show in this writers opinion!

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