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My Michigan governor's office budget

     I will never get interviewed as a working-class small business owner because I am not a Republican or Democrat. I have already stated my overall state budget will be $30 billion dollars in 2011. I don’t know how Michiganders ever survived in 1984, for example, when the state budget was around a measly $11 billion dollars and I finished my public education with high grades and even higher college entrance scores, but I digress.
     My governor’s budget will be only $1 million dollars, compared to around $4.5 million dollars for the current governor. Snyder and Bernero won’t touch these issues because they lack the willpower to make firm decisions. Besides, they are in office for the money and return on the millions spent to get elected; I just want my construction business to improve over the four years I am in office if elected (as a write-in Independent for governor).
     With $1 million, that would cover my salary of $160,000 with no other benefits. I would leave another $200,000 for the lieutenant governor and one shared assistant and office expenses. The rest of the budget would be for traveling to every county to make sure business owners and citizens are happy with where the state budget is and my plans for the turnaround of all turnarounds in less than four years. What do you know about the other candidates for governor?
     All you need to know about me can be found on Buy the download and you will get more personal knowledge of me than any other politician in this state’s history. You may not agree with what I say or stand for, but you will know I am more open and honest than I probably should be.
     And please write my name on the ballot on November 2nd for governor. Hire a real down-to-earth working-class person to the office of governor. I’m not a lawyer; I’m not a sleazy former CEO with skeletons in my closet. I am one of you.


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