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'My Man Is A Loser's' Kathy Searle on Michael Rapaport, 'Law & Order,' and more

Kathy Searle stars as Lianne, the beleaguered wife of Marty (Michael Rapaport, done killing people on Justified), in the new comedy film My Man Is A Loser. The flick also co-stars the fantastic Bryan Callen. We connected with Kathy last week to chat about her love for romantic comedies, that time she was on Law & Order with Linus Roache, and that other time she played a Serbian killer on Body of Proof. Her career is definitely not boring.

Kathy Searle stars in the new film 'My Man Is A Loser.' Her other credits include 'Law & Order' and 'Hope & Faith.' Get to know this outgoing actress in our new interview.
Courtesy of Anderson Group PR
Kathy Searle stars in the new comedy 'My Man Is A Loser' with Michael Rapaport and John Stamos.
Courtesy of Anderson Group PR

Getting one of the leads in My Man Is A Loser was a dream come true for the hilarious and engaging actress from New York. "I knew from the get-go when I read it, that I got the audition for it, that I wanted to do it," she enthused. "I grew up watching and loving romantic comedies and I always wanted to be in them.

"I got so excited about it, and I genuinely laughed at the script. It's a romantic comedy, but it's a relationship movie, and it's about friendships between men and women. And there's no cheating, and there's no massive drama that happens. And of course when I heard that Michael was slated to play Marty, my husband in the movie, I was just over the moon!"

That's because Kathy happens to be a longtime fan of her co-star. Not only was playing opposite him a feather in her cap personally, it also led to some of her best work in the film. "I really love the moments with Michael Rapaport and I, when we were together. I really, genuinely was proud of the fact that we came off like a legitimate couple," she told us. "I was a fan of his, and I wanted it to look legitimate.

"I'm proud of that, and I'm proud of the fact that I made Lianne really genuine with her feelings and voicing her opinion in the most truthful way possible."

Although there was one small quirk about her on-screen marriage: "[Michael]'s so tall and I'm so short," she laughed. "I'm barely 5'3" and he's 6'3!"

The hope is that working alongside the likes of Rapaport and Stamos will lead to more eyeballs on Kathy, who's actually been all over the place in her career. "I have been really fortunate commercially, actually. I've done a bunch of commercials that I'm super-proud of that I love," she told us.

"In terms of TV, one of my favorite roles was on Hope & Faith. I was a real estate agent that was working with all of the actors, and I had such a blast. That was like one of the best weeks of my life, with those people. It was amazing and it was the first time I'd worked on a sitcom.

"Then when I was on Body of Proof, totally different character. I played a Serbian killer," she continued, "and the whole process was just amazing." Yes, she can go from faux selling you real estate to pretending to kill a few people. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call acting.

Not to be overlooked is her guest spot in the Law & Order season twenty episode "Innocence," when she not only got to be part of the final season of a legendary series, but wound up acting opposite the always fantastic Linus Roache. "That show was amazing to work on," she reflected. "That was like a well-oiled machine. Everybody was just on top of it, cast and crew. They were amazing, and they really treat you with such respect. They make you feel like hey, you're part of the family.

As for Linus, "He's a genius, and so cool," she enthused. "We were just hanging out and he was asking me questions...It's that surreal moment where you're like 'I'm dreaming.'"

So after you've been in a movie with someone you love and a TV show with one of the best actors in the business, what would you possibly do next? "I am dreaming of being on House of Cards," Kathy said. "That's the ultimate goal, because I just think that show is so smart. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are incredible...I would have given my left lung to be on How I Met Your Mother."

There's no reason that more roles shouldn't come Kathy's way; she's clearly game for a variety of different roles, and she's the kind of person you'd want around your set - fun to be around, funny to talk to, positive and genuinely excited about working. She should have a much longer career ahead of her, and hopefully My Man Is A Loser will prompt people to take more notice of her. But she's in no rush to get to the next role. Right now, she's just going to process her good fortune.

"It was totally surreal," she laughed. "I thought, 'How in the hell did I get here? I am one lucky lady.'"

My Man Is A Loser is out now; you can also find out more about Kathy by visiting her website ( and following her on Twitter (@searlekathy).

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