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My liberal friend


  • Greg Cushing, Charleston Gardening Examiner 6 years ago

    Very well said Nancy. I could have written this about my own brother. We both get our government checks each month. I get mine for 20 years in the Navy while he gets his for his hirt back which prevents him from working. The hirt back really isn't his fault. After being struck from behind 5 times in 5 different accidents when he slammed on his breaks because the light was about to turn yellow that can happen. But the check isn't enough to support his drug habit so he wants my sister and I to support him. Yes after retiring from the Navy, I am working two more jobs to make ends meet. And all the while I keep hearing that I should be giving more to help the helpless. You don't want to know how I really feel about this issue.

  • nannasc 6 years ago

    This so well describes the difficulties I have in trying to deal with several mid twenty-year-old nieces & nephews who have these same traits. It makes for difficult family functions!

  • hoffmom 6 years ago

    Hey, don't lose all hope. We don't make enough to pay taxes at the moment- and I would happily remedy that if I could. Nobody owes me a dime unless it is as compensation for a good or service I have provided for them. We live in Michigan, and we have been unemployed, underemployed, etc. We have received assistance at times. The intention was ALWAYS to get back on our feet and start pulling our weight again. And we have done as well as we could with what we have. I look forward to being able to say that we are tax payers again. And I look forward to being able to cast my vote against the despotic government we now have. Trust me- you want this non-tax-payer in the ballot box in November.

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