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My last suit: Joseph A. Bank

Several years ago I departed the wage slave world because I lost my hearing and could not continue in my former line of work. What was that anyway?

Bill Gates in a suit
  • Information technologist
  • Instructional technologist
  • Performance problem analyst
  • Electronic commerce technologist
  • Security analyst
  • Publisher
  • Writer
  • Journalist
  • Painter
  • Poet

It was an eclectic career with long spaces filled with being an entrepreneur and owning and operating a consulting practice.

For some reason, wearing a suit, white shirt, and tie everyday seemed most appropriate. It was respectful to my clients, I thought. They thought that too, especially the government and military clients who had to wear special uniforms. A suit and tie was the civilian uniform.

Even when there were no client meetings scheduled, I would put on the business costume and head to the office.

When the traditional work stopped, I looked into my giant closet and it was filled with suits. I had 135 ties, and lots of shiny shoes too. White and blue shirts filled the hangers. I have no need for any of that, I thought.

I enjoyed the trips to Men’s Warehouse and to Joseph A. Bank where I could buy suits and various accessories, often 2 for the price of one. Now, I see that these two companies are merging into one gigantic suit store. They won’t have me for a customer anymore.

Tomorrow, I am meeting Bill Gates at an American Enterprise Institute conference event. I am covering that as a journalist. I will put on one of my remaining suits from Joseph A. Bank.

The last time that I met with Bill Gates one on one was in 1998 in his cafeteria. It was filled with pumpkins because it was Halloween season. Bill wasn’t wearing a suit. In fact, he had a wool sweater over a t-shirt.

“Men's Wearhouse to buy competitor Jos A Bank Clothiers in $1.8bn deal, Tuesday 11 March 2014 13.08 EDT

According to reports, Mens Wearhouse is nearing a deal to acquire Jos A Bank for $1.8bn in cash. Photograph: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Men’s Wearhouse Inc said it would acquire rival Jos A Bank Clothiers Inc for about $1.8bn, ending a five-month merger saga that started with Jos A Bank offering to buy its larger menswear rival.

Men’s Wearhouse will pay $65 per share, a 5% premium to Jos A Bank Clothiers Inc’s closing price Monday of $61.83.

Jos A Bank offered in October to buy its larger rival for $2.3bn. Men’s Wearhouse scoffed at that offer, and turned the tables, offering to buy its rival for $1.54bn.”

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