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My Lady Four CD preview party at Station 4


Show Flyer for the CD preview party
No, the title is not a typo, it indeed does say CD “preview” and not release. Due to some technical difficulties the CD wasn’t able to be pressed in time for the CD release show. But as the old saying goes “the show must go on” and My Lady Four did just that, backed up with an exceptional line up.
The show’s line up had some locally recognized bands such as All The Right Moves and Hyland. I was also interested in the bands that I have never heard of before like The Actress Adorable and More Like the Movies; which played an acoustic set due to an unexpected roster change. The show also featured the newly signed band A Verse Unsung as direct support, who are signed to Photo Finish Records (3OH!3, The Friday Night Boys).
The main event was indeed My Lady Four, which played a phenomenal set, which included many of their songs off their new CD “Everybody Pays the Gatekeeper”. Their new songs covered an array of genres, from rock, piano rock to a dance anthem. One of the biggest surprises was when My Lady Four debuted their hardcore inspired song "Your Idea of a Good Time". During the middle of the song, vocalist Braden from All The Right Moves, came out and did his own rendition of a hardcore scream during the breakdown. The song was quite different but surprisingly entertaining to watch.
Along with Braden, My Lady Four had another guest singer on stage with them that night.  Liz Akhavan, who has previously done guest vocals on All The Right Moves acoustic version of the song “Pretend”, accompained My Lady Four in their song "Even Apologies Have Enemies". My Lady Four then closed the show with an encore, playing their old songs off their first EP.
Even though hard copies of the album were not available, fans were still able to purchase download cards for their digital copy. A line of new t-shirts were also readily available, so My Lady Four fans did not go home empty handed. With such a wide variety of music that evening, the CD preview party was an enjoyable time and I can’t wait to get my hands on the new album.
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