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My Kenyan Church

My Kenyan Church
My Kenyan Church
Chris Benjamin

How perfectly wonderful it is to find a place to worship the Lord while you are overseas; unsure of where you are; lost in thoughts of home and family. I found a home of worship in a tiny concrete building with concertina wire over the windows to keep the baboons out. I truly looked forward to Sunday afternoon between 3pm and 5pm. You might be asking "why between 3pm and 5pm?" Well, the only priest in the area lived 30 minutes away and depended on us to pick him up. He also had 4 other services before ours.

The singing was is Kiswahili and the sermon was given in broken English. It was amazing to share in faith with our Kenyan brothers and sisters in both our native tongues. The music was driven by the rhythmic beat of the drums and cymbals played by the members of the Church. It was great for drowning out my feeble attempt at singing in Kiswahili. The Kenyan people welcomed us with open arms and hearts filled with the joy only Christ can supply.

When I arrived home a few months ago to attend Church with my family, it was a shock to my senses when I walked into the sanctuary at Life Church in Olathe, Ks. The small congregation in Kenya maybe topped 20 on a good Sunday. Life Church greeted me with hundreds of members all singing along to the band. It took me a little while to settle into the differences but I changed gears quickly. I will forever be grateful to the people of Kenya for offering me and the other soldiers there a place to worship freely.

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