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My Journey at 34: I No Longer Eat Meat

My Journey at 34: I No Longer Eat Meat
My Journey at 34: I No Longer Eat Meat
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I recently wrote a blog about the 8.7 Million Pounds of Meat Recalled by a California Company and, like an epiphany, it came to me. We don’t know how companies are caring for and processing their products. You mean to tell me, 8.5 million pounds of diseased meat was being processed in 2013 and we are just now finding out about it in 2014 - a whole year later? This is some scary s^%t, if you ask me. Pardon my French.

After further research, I decided to apply accurate thinking for my own life. After all, I never really thought about where the meat I was putting into my body came from, how it was being administered, as well as what was being injected inside it.

An animal is a living organism with feelings and emotions. They reproduce like we do and whatever they undertake in their life, I am partaking, including what’s being injected inside of them when I consume them. I’d rather know what I’m putting into my body. After all, the stomach is attached to the brain and whatever we put into our bodies affects our mental state of mind. And the mind is our body’s driving force. Honey, I was equipped to be a heavy driver. I have goals to accomplish. Yes, honey bunnies! You heard me. We were created to live out our purpose but we have to have a strong mental state of mind in order to carry out such devotion.

I understand we only get one shot at life and I don’t know about you but I want to give life my best. I don’t believe in being nothing but Grade A and I compete with myself only***Catch that jewel that was just thrown out xoxoxo*** I’m focused driven and believe in getting better with everything I do. I evolve in my craft and obtaining knowledge to become greater is part of the evolving process.

So, after obtaining the knowledge about meat, I evolved for the greater good. I am excited and embrace my journey thanking God for the courage to apply action to the knowledge I received.

I have encountered some headaches along the way, nevertheless. I know it’s my body’s way of relieving itself of weakness. We can accomplish whatever we set our minds to. God has given us everything we need but it’s up to us to search out the truth for our own lives.

Life is great and we only get one chance at it. There’s no time to complain. We only have enough time to live. And living begins when we start loving and taking care of ourselves - mind, body and soul.

Written with love,



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