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My hope is in you Lord

Psalm 39:7
Psalm 39:7
NIV Bible

What are we if not a people built upon the life giving, thought provoking idea of hope?

Are we not joyous for the prospect of a new day ahead of us? The Son rising upon each grace filled, beautiful day. The skies of hope shine brightly even when the clouds of doubt threaten to shower down upon us. Still not convinced at the beauty of hope?

So why don’t you call off of work every single Monday? I mean after a freewheeling weekend it is gossiped that Mondays are incredibly tough to confront. So why don’t you call your human resource office and ask for vacation and sick days for every Monday on the calendar? How preposterous would that be? Just as preposterous to give any day, any minute that much power over your joy. Ultimately, the spirit seeks joy. The spirit expects new things to happen and new lessons to conquer. The spirit is adventurous; it’s the flesh that is wrought with fear and angst. The spirit seeks enlightenment. It will go to great lengths to be fulfilled spiritually. When folk lose sight of hope, they get involved with drugs and experiment with sex trying to find the joy they experienced initially in the spirit. There is no joy that will compare to being fulfilled spiritually. Hope creates that joy.

When one seeks enlightenment through embracing hope, there are lessons that are seeking us too. If we are consciously living, not simply existing, we welcome the arrival of people, places and things that will stretch us and push us to a higher spiritual plane. We should be open to the seasons and temporary occurrences of some people and lessons. When it’s time, they must be let go but we must keep hold of the lessons that we learned. Seasons change and faces in our lives change but so too should we change. The beauty of hope is that it is silent yet empowering. Lovely and precious to the spirit man. Hope holds us up thru grief. Hope soothes us when things are in a state of unrest and change seems so undesired. Hope is a level of sustained peace, sustained consciousness and joy. Hope assures a joyous spiritual victory. Hope acquiesces to no barrier.

Hope is the love of Jesus.