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My Home is Haunted…What Do I Do?

In a previous article we discussed the different ways to determine if your home is haunted or not. If you have gone through the lists featured in the article “Signs Your Home Could Be Haunted” and are still convinced your home may be haunted, there are some things you need to keep in mind when dealing with the paranormal. This article will focus on what you can do and how to find help dealing with the paranormal.

Find explanations

Make a list of what has been happening in your home and try to find a logical explanation for what is happening. If that bang on the wall keeps happening every night at the same time, call out a contractor to find out if there are pipes behind your walls. It could be a plumbing issue or there could even be creatures in the attic and down the walls.

If a door is continually closing on you, have it checked to see if it is level or if there is a draft strong enough to close the door on its own. Take a closer look at the shadows appearing on the wall and make sure they are not being caused by cars passing by at night.

These are just a few things you can do to rule out the possibilities of a haunting. If you have ruled everything explainable out, it may be time to see the assistance of a local paranormal investigation team.

Keep a journal

You should be keeping a journal from the very beginning. Mark down what has been happening and keep a detailed record of all occurrences. The paranormal investigation team you call in to help you will use this to help determine what has been happening, try to find some explanations and to know where to look during their investigation.

Your detailed journal should include the date, time, location, what you were doing at the time, who was with you, what others were doing in the house and what happened.

If possible, try to capture some evidence. This does not mean you should try to make contact yourself. Just try to capture the ghost on camera by randomly snapping photos when the strange occurrences begin and/or start a digital audio recorder to see if you can capture a voice or two.

Call for help

You should only call in the experts when you have attempted to rule out all explanations and the paranormal occurrences continue. A paranormal investigation team will be able to help determine if what is happening is truly paranormal and will be able to help deal with and rid your home of the unwanted spirits and entities.

There are hundreds of paranormal groups in the country. These groups can be found by visiting for a list of groups in your area. Make sure to find a team that is reputable and experienced to help you in your situation. Keep in mind you should never have to pay to have a team come to your home. Most reputable paranormal investigators volunteer their time and services to help those in need.

The number one thing to keep in mind while waiting for help with your ghosts, is to not be afraid. In some situations it might be difficult to not show fear, but if you do, some entities will feed on this and your problems could get worse. If you feel you and your family is in danger, leave the home. Find somewhere else to stay until help arrives.

Hopefully this helps you understand what needs to be done should you discover your home is haunted.

Happy haunting!

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