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My Home Brew Shop and Rocky Mountain Brewery do it all in Colorado Springs

Rocky Mountain Brewery Logo

My Home Brew Shop and Brew on Premise/Wine Crafters/Rocky Mountain Brewery is the home brewers one-stop in Colorado Springs for several reasons.  First, Duane Lujan and company sell ingredients and equipment for beer and wine making.  Second, they will help you brew at their location on their equipment if you do not wish to buy equipment.  Third, and finally, they are a commercial brewery, Rocky Mountain Brewery.

As far as beer and wine ingredients go, they carry a wide selection of wine kits, grain, yeast, and hops.  If you do not see what you are looking for, do not hesitate to ask them about it.  If they do not have it hiding around the corner, they will order it for you.

The Brew-on-Premise piece of the business is perfect for someone who does not have the room to store equipment, does not want to buy the equipment, or wants to check out brewing before buying the equipment.

Rocky Mountain Brewery emerged last year and completes Duane's dream of opening a brewery.  For years he was surrounded by home brewers and indulged in home brewing himself.  Now opportunity struck and he met it full on.  The brewers produce some unusual but tasty creations, along with some more traditional styles of beer.  Grab a pint before, during, or after your ingredient shopping.  Alternatively, grab a growler or keg to go.


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