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My heated conversation with Jack Young and other Artscape encounters

On Sunday at Artscape I ran into two prominent politicians. At about 1PM, I saw Delegate Luke Clippinger trying to register people to vote. We had a pleasant conversation about current events.

After I spoke with Clippinger, I returned to the DJ booth on the Charles Street bridge where I hosted 80's Karaoke for all three days of Artscape. At the time a DJ was blasting some 80's music, and I had earplugs in my ears. City Council President Jack Young approached the booth and recognized me. We immediately got into a loud political conversation that the DJ next to me described as heated. I lowered my voice once I took out my earplugs. Jack Young brought up a few specific issues I had brought up in this blog in the past. He still has issues with me having issues with the raises he and his colleagues received. He asked me if I thought any city worker deserved a raise, and I said in these economic times that none of them do. He definitely has a much more positive view of the current and future economy than I have. I think we have to be very careful about any future economic plans we make. We should be very conservative about potential future revenues. I do not expect the real estate market to recover in the next five years. I actually expect the real estate market to get worse over the next three years! The City Council President seemed to have more of a recovery-centric view of the economy. Time will tell who is right.

Jack Young also pointed out that he is not the best speaker when he has a prepared speech in front of him. I agree with that one, and I did notice that he is a better speaker when he is does not have a script and is talking about issues with which he is familiar. He talked comfortably about poor people and water bills without any hesitation.

On thing that surprised me about the Council President was that it was very clear that he knows a lot about political strategy and does not make random political moves and decisions. He has a thought out plan and avoids making reactionary mistakes that other council members have made.

The Council President was walking alone through Artscape. I give him credit for not needing an entourage like many other politicians always seem to have. My experience with Jack Young was enlightening. He definitely likes talking one on one with citizens of Baltimore.


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