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My Heart Dies With You

MY HEART DIES WITH YOU is being launched as a movie franchise. It will be a series of at least three features as sequels, with a possible fourth, and also a book.

Romantic Action Movie
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A low-budget short version, entitled, MY HEART DIES SILENTLY, has been produced to provide a small taste of where this intimate series begins. There will be many characters, unexpected twist and turns, and many heart-breaking scenes as well as fast-paced action. Michael Walters (writer, director, and producer) has described this series as a mix of Fast and Furious, Terms of Endearment, and The Notebook. The movies are planned to go to some well-known places, as well as foreign destinations. Stay tuned for development and learn how you as others have can get involved in the series designed for the romantic at heart.

Michael Walters, Texas producer of the movies The Prodigal, Ruth, The Deadliest Gun, The Long Run, Broken... has also been developing My Heart Dies With You. It is a story of a young married couple that begins when the young wife learns from her doctor that death will separate her from her husband by the morning. She fights her fears and selfishness to give her husband one last great night together, believing somehow she can cheat death.

The movie asks, “How would you choose to live your last night with the one you love?” The movie will be released as a feature length 90 minute film with the goal of becoming part of a trilogy, chronicling the life and loves of the surviving partner (the producers will not give away which partner dies).

The two central characters are Isabella, described as a girly-girl, raised by her eccentric Scottish aunt, who will appear in the sequel. The actress who has played Isabella is Candice Barley. The husband Xavier, who has been played by George Cisneros, is the strong masculine type. He has a bad-boy image because he loves his fast cars and living life on the edge. However, he is tender and deeply compassionate towards his wife. He likes to calm her with speaking tender phrases in Spanish. In the back-story Xavier served in the Marines in Afghanistan and has a secret that haunts him related to his involvement in the fighting there. They are a cliché couple in which the girly-girl next door gets involved with the bad-boy. It makes for a dynamic relationship in the film.

Writer, Producer, Director, Michael Walters is a romantic at heart. He loves romantic films, not the cheesy ones; but those that are moving, meaningful and beautifully intimate. His goal is to leave general audiences emotionally engaged at the end of his movies. Known as a redemptive filmmaker, Michael has wanted with this movie to create an intimate snapshot of real life that pushes beyond the boundaries of faith-based filmmaking, just as he is doing with The Prodigal. He believes we all live and operate in a secular world with triumphs and tragedies, heartache and pain, and few of us live “preachy-lives” often portrayed in faith- based films. He questions who really goes around quoting scripture as a response to everything. He thinks our responses are most often demonstrated everyday in how we live out and express our faith. So he is not satisfied with faith-based films that seem disingenuous.

He has designed this film to be equally attractive to secular and faith-based audiences, giving each group the quality they expect in a top film. He has incorporated a subject near the end of the film that as far as he knows has never been dealt with in the context any movie. He hopes this film will become known as a great “date” movie. Unlike most romantic stories, My Heart Dies With You, has been written to be both a man’s and a woman’s movie.

Michael Walters is the executive/supervising producer and casting director. George Cisneros is a co-producer. Cast for this movie series includes the following: George Cisneros as Xavier, Mike Gassaway as Deputy Anderson, Eddie Bauer Jr. as Ray, Wil J. Jackson as Officer Jackson, Ricardo Andres as Hank, Diane Howard as Aunt Eliza, Kevin Watkins as Deputy Roberts, Benjamin V. Baird as Deputy Griggs, and Drew Raphael as Belinda. Crew includes the following: Bálint Sapszon as compooser; James Burgess as cinematographer; Rocky Whitworth and Michael Walters as editors; Brenda Cannon, Andrea Schutter, Roxanne Torres as makeup artists; Jackson Burns as stunt coordinator with George Cisneros, Jack Sander, and Kevin Watkins as stunt drivers; Mark Clark as gaffer and Mike Snow as grip; Mikaela Blake as cast driver; and Justin Clenard as picture car coordinator.

From Michael Walters, "...with the exception of casting the role of Isabella, all principal roles have been cast for Episode I...Episode 2 is in writing now and characters are being created. Several characters in Episode 1 wil be carried over into Episode 2. "

Filming of these productions are tentatively scheduled for Spring 2015. Watch this site or the Facebook page for this movie for updates.

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