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My friend's boyfriend made a pass at me


Dear Debbie,
I am a junior in High School with a friend whose boyfriend made a pass at me. My friend is so happy to be going out with this boy who is also in our class I don't know if I have the heart to tell her what a loser he is. I really value our friendship and feel very awkward about this situation. What should I do?
Signed.... A Friend

Dear Friend,

Although it might be difficult to confront your friend and tell her what her boyfriend did, it would be much worse if she heard about it from another source which is not unlikely given the fact that you see each other as well as all you classmates every day. If this boy realizes that you have kept your friend in the dark about his transgression, he might very well think he got away with it and continue to make passes at you or possibly try to cheat on your friend with yet another classmate.

However upset your friend might be when she learns about what sort of character her boyfriend has, you owe it to her as her friend to tell her what happened. Try to remember that initially she may get angry with you, blame you or even not believe you which would be understandable reactions considering how hurt she will be feeling.

In time, however, she will hopefully understand your motives and your friendship will weather the storm. Regardless of her reaction, she still deserves to know the truth about a boy she seems not to know very well at all.