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'My Five Wives' women admit they do use birth control


Tonight fans watched a new episode of "My Five Wives" on TLC and got the chance to learn more about this polygamist family. On March 16, Brady Williams revealed something about his family that a lot of people didn't even know.

During this new episode they started talking about wanting more children. Some of the wives do want more kids but have felt like that door was closed. Now that one wife is considering adoption then the idea of other babies is being talked about again.

The family was talking to the camera when they explained that the women grew up being told that you were not supposed to use birth control. They didn't really want their families to know that they do use birth control now. Brady explained it was a bit crazy to think they didn't know that, but Paulie honestly thinks that her family believes that they just abstain instead of using birth control. The truth is out now.

"My Five Wives" airs new episodes on TLC on Sunday nights.

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