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‘My Five Wives’: Who decides where we live? (spoiler alert)

Brady and Rhonda look at property without other wives
TLC press photo

The William’s wives are hit with conflict and suspicion of each other once again in the March 23, 2014 episode of “My Five Wives” that aired on TLC at 9: p.m. CT. It seems that the wives can’t seem to help discussing each other’s motives and voicing their concerns over many different issues. On this episode, Rhonda, Brady’s fifth wife catches the ire of the other four.

Brady and his wives have been discussing moving from Utah for some time. They feel that they know longer “fit” anywhere in the community since they left their church. They are shunned by many of their former church and family members, yet still do not fit into “main stream” type families either.

They have considered moving to Montana or Washington but it has just been in the talking stage. That is until Brady and Rhonda celebrate their 10th anniversary by taking a trip to Seattle, Washington to visit Brady’s father. The other four wives thought it was nothing more than just a romantic get-away for the two of them to celebrate. That is until all of their cell phones received the same picture from Brady.

Rosemary goes to Robyn to see if she got the picture. The next thing you know Paulie and Nonie enter the room, holding their cell phone in bewilderment. It appears that Brady and Rhonda are using their anniversary trip to look at property, and the other four wives are upset that they are excluded.

Paulie, Brady’s first wife and only legal wife, is undecided about moving anywhere:

“It’s like Brady and Rhonda are just deciding where we are going to move.”

As if jealousy isn’t running rampant enough because Rhonda is getting seven days of alone time with Brady, now they are upset that it appears as if Rhonda is also the only wife involved in looking at property for them all to live on.

In all fairness, when Brady told his parents he wanted to look at some property, Rhonda seemed a bit surprised and admitted that while she was excited, she felt bad that her sister wives weren’t there to check it out as well. Brady is also excited and hopes they can convince the other wives to get on board with the plans.

It’s hard enough for a man and one wife to agree when it comes to making big changes like moving to another state, but when you are talking about one man, five wives and 24 children it may be near impossible to get everyone to reach the same decision.

Brady and Rhonda head back home with Brady fully convinced that he wants to move his family to Seattle to be near his parents and siblings. He has decided Seattle is exactly where he wants to be. Rhonda is on board, but what happens when he gets back to Utah and his other four wives?

If you’d like to know how the saga of moving or not moving turns out, tune in to ‘My Five Wives’ on TLC every Sunday night at 9:p.m. CT. You can also subscribe to this writer and find out all the latest updates on this show and many others.

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