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‘My Five Wives’: The wives get a little green

There may be some green with envy between "My Five Wives"
There may be some green with envy between "My Five Wives"
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The March 16, 2014 episode of “My Five Wives” aired on TLC at 9: p.m. CT. It was fitting that it aired the night before St. Patrick’s Day because it showed the wives being very “green” with envy. Jealousy seemed to abound in this episode.

Social media commenters have been picking up on the fact that the five wives have seemed jealous of each other since the show first aired on March 9. This week actually let viewers see just how far that “green with envy” goes.

It began with one wife talking about the possibility of adopting a child. It didn’t take long for two other wives to express their desire for more children. One even admitted she would be jealous if Brady agreed to one wife having more kids and not her.

Paulie, Brady’s first wife and the only legal wife, openly stated that she believes she holds a special place in Brady’s heart over the other wives because she is the first wife. She talked about how special their time was together before he married Nonie. She also stated that she and Brady had the oldest child and the first child to marry and leave home.

If you watch closely, you can see the looks on the wives faces that show they aren’t exactly happy about this situation or that. Several of them have discussed how lonely they are and how much they miss Brady when he spends the night with an individual wife.

Brady rotates to a different wife every night, which means that any certain wife gets her private alone time with him every fifth night. During the day, it seems like they all try to vie for his attention and make decisions with him.

They will all say that they love their “sister wives” and get along great, but the camera tells a different story from time to time. Social media fans have picked up on this conflict and have even stated on the Brady’s Facebook page that these five wives don’t get along nearly as well as Kody Brown’s “Sister Wives.”

With five wives, 24 kids and a job, Brady’s time is severely limited. There are only so many hours in the day, so each wife and child can only get so much of his time. The children seem to understand this fact better than the wives do at times.

Tune in to “My Five Wives” on Sunday nights on TLC and see if you agree with some of the viewers. Is there a bit of “green” going on with these wives? Hopefully they can all learn to get along in the lifestyle they have chosen.

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