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‘My Five Wives’ tell all show scheduled for Sunday night

Will the wives tell all?
Will the wives tell all?
TLC press photo

Though the season for “My Five Wives” has ended, TLC is trying to keep interest alive and viewers satisfied. Another intimate group discussion show is scheduled for May 11, 2014 at 9 p.m. CST on TLC. According to a report, dated May 9, 2014, this will be an interview to attempt to get the wives talking.

This season we saw several conflicts going on between Paulie, Nonie, Rosemary, Robyn and Rhonda. The wives admit there is jealousy and a vying for Brady’s time, yet they all seemed so subdued and quiet about it on the show. Will the host, Tamron Hall, get the ladies to spill the beans?

In one episode this season, Rosemary talked to Brady about how she feels about Paulie. Rosemary believes that Paulie tries to sabotage her time with him; rather it is on purpose or not. How will the wives respond when questioned about their jealousy?

The season finale also left us hanging as far as Nonie’s pregnancy was concerned. Since it has been several months since the show was filmed, will we see evidence that the test turned out positive?

This “tell all” interview that has Brady and his wives answering some pretty private questions will hopefully give viewers a better insight into the dynamics of a plural marriage. That is, if the wives and Brady decide to answer with openness and honesty.

The audience for “My Five Wives” seems to be obsessed with trying to figure out exactly how Brady and his five wives handle intimate bedroom situations. Viewers have questioned them about sleeping arrangements and how another wife feels knowing that Brady is in another woman’s bed for the night.

Hall will surely probe this situation, knowing that it is one of the things viewers want to know about. If you could ask Brady or his five wives a question, what would it be? Is it really anyone’s business how they handle their private, intimate life?

If you are curious as to the dynamics of how a polygamist family lives, be sure to tune into TLC Sunday night at 9 p.m. CST and see what “My Five Wives” has to say about their lives in a plural marriage.

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