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‘My Five Wives Tell All’ show doesn’t tell much

My Five Wives didn't say much on their tell all show
My Five Wives didn't say much on their tell all show
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TLC gave us a “My Five Wives Tell All” show Monday night, May 12, 2014 at 9 p.m. EST but the show didn’t seem to tell us much. Though Brady Williams and his five wives are a very likable bunch, they didn’t seem to be too forthcoming with answers.

The show was hosted by Tamron Hall and she was very good with the questions, but answers appeared to be short and evasive at times. Perhaps the wives were trying to spare each other’s feelings or perhaps they were trying to be evasive in an attempt not to spoil next season’s show.

Hall questioned Rosemary about her feelings of having her time with Brady sabotaged by Paulie. She even showed clips of Paulie calling Brady to come help her while he was with Rosemary. Both women looked stunned as they watched the scene.

When asked if the two had resolved anything, both of them admitted that it was still a work in progress. The look on Rosemary’s face seemed to say that she still felt her time with Brady was being compromised and she didn’t look very happy.

Hall asked the wives about plans to increase the family. In the final episode viewers got to see Nonie buying a pregnancy test, but she never used it. Hall questioned Nonie about the results of that test. Instead of stating whether the test was positive or negative, Nonie simply said she would tell the other wives if she was pregnant.

Ironically, Robyn, who has never mentioned having more kids, was under fire from viewers about “looking pregnant.” According to Rosemary’s post on the family’s Facebook page, it was “a bad choice of shirts” that caused Robyn to appear to look like the pregnant wife.

Rhonda seemed to be the most talkative wife and talked about her recent breast cancer scare. She said she had been following up with all of the tests her doctor had advised. She had even been tested to see if she had the gene that predisposed her for breast cancer. The BRCA gene test uses DNA analysis to determine if there is any mutation in certain genes.

Some women who have this gene have opted for removal of all breast tissue to avoid any chances of breast cancer. Hall questioned Rhonda about if this would be something she would explore. Rhonda tearfully stated that she would do all she could to insure she would still be around for her children and eventually grandchildren.

Brady and his wives seem to have a very complicated family dynamics, but they seem to make it work somehow. They appear to be a very down to earth family, with a lot of the same issues and problems as any other family raising children. The only difference is there are six of them in the relationship instead of two.

Should we believe that these five women get along fantastically, sharing this one man and raising their 24 children together? We will have to wait until next season and see how the story unfolds. Keep up with the Brady Williams family on Facebook or Twitter.

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